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15 Made In USA Wallet Brands That Are Worthy Of Your Cash

These are the men's wallet brands still fully committed to America. You can expect only the finest materials and highest levels of craftsmanship.

Words by: Beau Hayhoe

The difference is all in the details as you curate your wardrobe and daily haul – make one wrong move, or reach for an everyday carry essential that’s not up to snuff, and you tend to notice the difference right away.

So, how to get the perfect everyday carry (or EDC)? You could go any number of different ways, but look at the pieces you reach for without thinking, like your wallet.

Dial it down to the most basic level: you want a well-made, durable wallet that’s built to last, since you’re going to trust it with your valuables hour after hour, day after day. And it’s becoming more apparent that some of the best men’s wallets on the market are, in fact, made in America.

Like your new favourite pair of blue jeans, ‘Made in USA’ is a label that signifies that critical attention to detail, a focus on premium materials and a sense of craftsmanship that seems every trickier to find nowadays.

So, what separates the wheat from the chaff, and a subpar wallet from one made in the US? Let’s take a closer look.

What does Made in the USA mean?

Man handcrafting a luxury leather men's wallet on a workbench in the USA

Tanner Goods

On the surface, ‘Made in the USA’ is fairly straightforward, not unlike American-made denim. To be more specific, the Federal Trade Commission mandates that “all or virtually all” of the wallet be made in the United States. That includes the assembly of the product itself, as well as the cost of manufacturing the product and oftentimes, the sourcing of the raw materials (for example, the hides used for the wallet).

Keep in mind that the FTC can’t take proactive action if a product is misleading, yet they can do so if complaints are filed. That being said, brands which truly make their wallets the USA don’t tend to cut corners or skimp on quality or transparency (more on this in a moment).

Ultimately, it comes down to the company to designate its product as made in the USA, so shop carefully from trusted names, like the ones showcased below.

Why are USA-made wallets special?

A stack of premium quality Made in the USA wallets by Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods

You could certainly say that, like a finely crafted pair of jeans or a great pair of leather boots, every part of a USA-made wallet is a cut above the rest. After all, once you’ve made your selection and started to break in your wallet of choice, you’ll notice the difference right away.

It begins with the material itself. The US is known for the quality of its hides, with a wealth of trusted manufacturers supplying a large proportion of the leather used in the fashion industry. Chicago’s Horween Leather, for example, has been producing some of the best, most supple leather on the market for over a century.

Which brings us to another point: when you buy a wallet made domestically, you’re often getting a clear look into the process, be it through the brand’s website or social media. You know where the hide is sourced from, you know how many steps are used in crafting the wallet, and you know what makes up its key components right off the bat. Transparency in the process often lends itself to a superior product, in our experience.

An Ezra Arthur Made in the USA men's leather wallet on a wooden work bench

Ezra Arthur

Speaking of how these wallets are made, while some big-name brands will churn them out at breakneck speed, there’s often a cheaper feel to the finished product. Made in the USA wallet companies, on the other hand, typically craft their products carefully by hand using local artisans and generations of leather workers.

The end result – of transparent production, finely sourced and crafted materials, and genuine craftsmanship – is a wallet you can feel proud to carry with you, not unlike the sense of pride one gets from breaking in a trusted pair of boots or leather jacket.

The best made in the USA wallets

Ezra Arthur

Start your search off on the right foot with a family-owned brand that turned back the clock, in a sense, to do things the old-fashioned way. Started by four brothers, Ezra Arthur makes leather goods out of a warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, using a small-batch approach to fine tune everything from belts to, of course, wallets.

The brand states it crafts “artefacts worthy of discovery” – the kind of wallet you can pass down to your kids and only gets better with age.

Its range runs the gamut from an innovative iPhone wallet to a slim front-pocket wallet and traditional bifold, using Chromexcel leather from Horween in Chicago. The designs mix the modern and classic, with a range of vibrant colours to choose from.

Dango Products

Rugged appeal and modern performance can be tricky to balance – after all, a wallet at its most simple just needs to hold your cards and cash – but Dango toes that line quite handsomely.

Its wallets are sleek and tactical, blending materials like top-grain leather with aerospace-grade aluminum for intense durability and utility.

The D01 Dapper Wallet in particular shows off what Dango does so well: boasting space for up to 12 credit cards, it incorporates a handy bottle opener and has a thickness of just 0.3 inches even when holding six cards.

Buffalo Jackson

Buffalo Jackson stands tall and proud next to its name, right down to the fact that the North Carolina company frequently uses materials like hardwearing bison leather to deliver a USA-made wallet that’s quite literally a cut above.

Bison leather has a distinctive and bold texture that can handle abrasions and scuffs, and as if that wasn’t enough, designs like a useful trifold wallet deliver plenty of space for critical cards and cash.

The brand even makes a checkbook holder and passport wallet for the jetsetters among us.

Rogue Industries

Some of the most unassuming pieces in your wardrobe and your everyday carry spring from humble beginnings, like the wallet you slide into your field jacket pocket on the daily. To get the best of the best, head up to Maine, where Rogue Industries was founded in 2007 with a focus on crafting a better front-pocket wallet.

Consider that problem solved, and note the brand’s narrow focus on leather and front-pocket designs (always a bonus when upgrading your EDC).

Bison leather options provide extreme durability, while the company also makes a sleek, hardwearing ballistic nylon option.

Mr. Lentz

It’s harder to get much more precise and handcrafted than Mr. Lentz, which delivers meticulously crafted wallets and belts from a small Washington workshop. The idea behind Mr. Lentz is a noble one: use handcrafted methods to create handsome leather goods that can be passed down through generations.

That includes distinctive designs like a snap wallet that shrinks down to the size of a card case, as well as classic slim wallets made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather sourced in the USA.

Mr. Lentz wallets are finished off with durable touches like antique brass snaps, too. And if you really want to make it your own, you can customise it with chain options in either lightweight or heavy chain materials.


Trayvax is another innovative brand that blends the best of the old (handsome, supple leather) with the new (lightweight frame designs fashioned from materials like stainless steel).

Using a Trayvax wallet gives you the slimmed-down appeal of a card case with the broken-in look of rich leather – in this case, that equates to top-grain oil-tanned hide on models like its popular Trayvax Element Wallet.

With space for up to 10 cards in the Element Wallet, and an astounding 65-year guarantee, this is one wallet you could easily call a modern heirloom.

Tanner Goods

If you prefer a wallet with more of an old-school look and feel, set your sights on the Pacific Northwest and Tanner Goods. While some of its most popular models are made with English Bridle leather, Natural Tooling leather wallets are also available in an array of tough designs that should age wonderfully and develop a rich patina.

With angled card slots, the Journeyman Wallet checks all the right boxes if you’re in the market for a slim leather option, while the Utility Bifold should get better each and every time you pull it out of the pocket of your indigo jeans.

Field Notes

While Field Notes doesn’t exclusively make stylish leather wallets, the well-known brand has a knack for coming up with innovative, downright useful designs. Its pocket notebooks and special editions are an essential for the modern man on the go, and the company has recently expanded its arsenal with utilitarian leather notebook holder.

It’s one way to stash your Field Notes memo book, but it also boasts a pen holder and handy slots for cards and cash. It’s just about everything you might need on your person at one time, delivered in a compact cowhide leather that’s been tanned in the United States.

Bexar Goods

One only need take a brief look at the sturdy, supple yet tough-as-nails wallets sold by Bexar Goods to realise they’re a step above your typical, mass-produced designs.

Handmade craftsmanship is of the essence with its thick wallets, which include classic bifold versions (one with four card slots, one with six) and a slim vertical card wallet.

Saddle stitching (by hand, naturally) brings each wallet together with poly cord thread, and the USA-sourced leather is a sight to behold. The brand works with esteemed leather company Wickett & Craig to source the finest hides, then produces each one by hand in San Antonio.


From a compact yet bustling warehouse workshop in New Jersey springs Billykirk, first started by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray more than two decades ago. Since then, they’ve kept plenty of classic designs in the brand’s well-curated rotation, the mark of timeless leather goods if ever there was one.

The brothers make traditional bifold wallets using full-grain leather and waxed cord, yet they’ve also dreamed up fun EDC selections like a coin pouch or the snap-front trucker wallet. Designs range from crisp and cool black leather to vibrant coloured leather options.


Artifact is so much more than an American-made wallet brand, but it helps that it does quite the job at knocking that category out of the park. A distinct sense of craftsmanship carries through its Omaha, Nebraska workshop to any of its varied assortment, from canvas log carriers to durable aprons and of course, cleanly crafted wallets.

From simple front-pocket designs with space for just a few cards, through to an essential passport wallet for world travel, materials like harness leather offer a supple yet hardwearing appeal.

The company also makes vegan leather wallets, and has a clear focus on sustainability with materials like organic cotton.


It’s sometimes wise to put your trust in a brand with a razor-sharp focus on your EDC – while Disc doesn’t produce dozens of styles of wallets (just one, in fact), you can rest assured it hasn’t missed a beat or cut any corners.

The aptly named Disc Hero Wallet retails for less than $20 when on sale, and even at full price, it’s only $40 – a downright steal for a wallet made in San Francisco.

Industrial stitching meets full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather guaranteed by Disc for life, while four quick-access slots provide an ingenious take on the traditional wallet. Pick up a rugged multi-tool from the brand to round out your daily haul.

Colonel Littleton

Any company that calls itself the “Great American Leather Company” is one worth examining as you search high and low for a made-in-the-USA wallet, right? No doubt about it, and Colonel Littleton go the extra mile.

Materials both classic and exotic (like American Buffalo leather or Alligator trim detailing) make up its varied selection of wallets, which runs the gamut from fold-over flap designs to dependable snap-closure options for critical EDC storage.

Pingree Detroit

Pingree Detroit takes its mission seriously: making the most of Detroit’s storied auto heritage by diverting leftover car leather from landfills, turning it instead into a seriously cool line of wallets and leather goods.

There’s an option to please anyone in need of an everyday carry upgrade, from a front-pocket driving wallet to a five-pocket double billfold design.

The best part, as Pingree notes, might be the “new car smell” you get with each wallet – it even makes classic footwear out of the material, after all.


Perhaps you’re well-acquainted already with the timeless, enduring appeal of Filson’s hardworking flannel shirts and expertly crafted waxed jackets. Its wallets are cut from much the same cloth (sometimes literally), with items like its iconic Bi-Fold Wallet made in Seattle from vegetable-tanned bridle leather.

That’s the same type of leather that accents its waxed canvas bags and small goods, while items like the Rugged Twill Outfitter Wallet use leather from Wickett & Craig (plus other imported materials).

Your Filson wallet will only get better with age, just like nearly everything else you own from the legendary outdoors brand.