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The Best Heavyweight Sweatpant Brands For Men

Every man needs a pair of heavyweight joggers in his cold-weather wardrobe. And these are the labels producing the thickest, most substantial sweatpants on the market right now.

Words by: Paddy Maddison

In today’s sartorial climate, a decent pair of heavyweight sweatpants is every bit as important as a hoodie or an overshirt. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, these fleecy pants have shaken off their scruffy reputation and are quickly becoming an acceptable (and practical) everyday option.

Yes, they’re great for the gym and lying around on the sofa, but they can also be elevated by styling them with more upscale pieces, which increases their versatility dramatically. If you’re not sure what we mean, go and flick through an Aimè Leon Dore lookbook.

Not any old sweatpants will do – they have to be thick and HEAVY. A nice weighty fleece-backed fabric will be warmer, cosier, more durable and drape better than a thin alternative. Not only does that mean that heavyweight sweatpants look better, but they’ll more effectively conceal your modesty, if you catch our drift.

The trouble is that finding heavyweight sweatpants – real heavyweight sweatpants – is tricky. There aren’t many labels that make them, and it can be time-consuming to trawl through product description after product description searching for the exact weight of the fabric. Not least because the majority of brands don’t even bother to state it.

To save you some legwork, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite brands for heavyweight joggers. These are the labels making the thickest, heaviest versions we’ve come across, and they all list the fabric weights for their garments, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

What makes a heavyweight sweatpant?

A pair of black heavyweight sweatpants for men laid out on floor by Represent


So how heavy does the fabric need to be before a pair of sweatpants can be deemed ‘heavyweight’? First, you need to understand the type of fabric and how its weight is measured.

Classic sweatpants are made from fleece-backed jersey cotton. This material is insulating, soft against the skin, good at wicking moisture and stretchy. It comes in lots of different weights depending on how thick or thin the fabric is.

There are two units of measurement used for this type of fabric. Some brands will display the weight in gsm (grams per m²), while others use oz (oz/yd²). Generally speaking, we’d say anything over 12oz or 400gsm could reasonably be described as heavyweight.

That being said, some brands will make sweatpants much heavier than this. But you don’t want them too heavy because the fabric’s extra weight and resulting stiffness will reduce the fleecy material’s comfortable feel.

Best heavyweight sweatpants brands in 2024


Camber is an American brand that specialises in heavy duty tees, crew necks and sweatpants. Everything is made in the USA and is designed to be as rough, tough and heavyweight as possible.

Don’t expect any outrageous colour schemes or eye-catching graphics – Camber is all about simple, high-quality blanks. Think Gildan or Fruit of the Loom if they made their stuff to military spec.

Reigning Champ

Man wearing Reigning Champ heavyweight fleece sweatpants and sweatshirt with white sneakers

Canada’s Reigning Champ has long been the last word in high-end, classic athletic garb. We’re talking classic jersey sweats, hoodies and joggers, but with a heavy focus on quality and attention to detail.

The heavyweight sweatpants here aren’t cheap, but they are well-made, durable and cut to perfection for a perfect fit.

The Heavyweight Fleece joggers are some of the brand’s best-selling items, made from the durable fleece-backed fabric that first saw Reigning Champ rise to fame.


Noah heavyweight grey joggers with blue/white stripe T-shirt, blue jacket and crossbody bag

New York City’s Noah blends elements of streetwear, skate culture, workwear, sportswear and Ivy style to create its own unique flavor of cool.

At one end of the spectrum are blazers, pleated pants, and soft tailoring, and at the other are logo hoodies and sweatpants.

The label’s signature Heavyweight Sweatpants are made from cozy 15oz fabric, with drawstrings to the cuffs and small embroidered branding to the outer thigh.

Carhartt WIP

Man wearing grey heavyweight Carhartt WIP sweatpants with white Air Force Ones and white long sleeve T-shirt

Carhartt WIP is the style-led sublabel of American workwear brand Carhartt. It combines the company’s experience in delivering hardwearing garb for manual labor with a slightly streetwear-infused aesthetic, resulting in clothes that look great and are built to last.

The brand’s Chase hoodies and sweats are a firm feature all year round, with a range of colours to choose from, relatively accessible price tags and cut from a thick 440gsm fleece-backed fabric.

The Real McCoy’s

Man wearing The REal McCoy's matching black heavyweight hoodie and sweatpants with white Adidas sneakers

Cult Japanese label The Real McCoys reproduces American vintage classics from sports, workwear and the military using authentic equipment and production methods. The aim is to get things as close as possible to the real deal (hence the name), which means the quality and durability are next level.

There are several different heavyweight sweatpant options available, the heaviest of which weighs an impressive 14oz and was made using authentic manufacturing techniques from the 1950s.

The downside? A pair will cost you almost $300/£300.


Man wearing matching Champion reverse weave heavyweight hoodie and sweatpants

This heritage American sportswear label has been making jersey cotton athletic apparel for longer than most. Champion has been in the business of joggers, hoodies, tees and sweats for over 100 years, becoming a true go-to brand in the process.

It’s well known for its Reverse Weave fabric, which is woven in a particular way to prevent shrinkage when washing.

The prices aren’t too bad either. You can expect a pair of heavyweight sweatpants to set you back around $55/£50, and there are various colors and designs to choose from.

Cole Buxton

Cole Buxton’s luxurious British sportswear has taken the world by storm, helped by social media madness and its fair share of high-profile influencers.

The brand specializes in upscale athletic wear, including hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters and sweatpants.

One of the label’s best-selling products is its Heavyweight Warm-Up Pants. They’re inspired by the gym gear bodybuilders wore in the 1960s and are cut from thick 420gsm fleece-backed jersey cotton.


Man wearing black heravyweight Represent sweatpants and a branded black varsity jacket

Not dissimilar to Cole Buxton, Represent is another British fashion brand specializing in premium athletic wear designed for day-to-day duties.

Its jersey cotton garments are made using heavyweight fabric that’s warm, durable and looks great too.

The Owners Club Sweatpants, for example, are cut from a weighty 480gsm fabric for maximum comfort.

MKI Miyuki Zoku

Man wearing a matching heavyweight zip sweatshirt and sweatpants combination in grey with white sneakers

MKI Miyuki Zoku makes stylish contemporary menswear at relatively affordable prices compared to many similar brands.

That said, a pair of MKI’s heavyweight joggers will still set you back $80/£80. But the price feels justifiable when you consider that they’re made from a scale-tipping 650gsm fabric – heavier than any others on this list.

They’re made in Portugal, Europe’s textile capital, and feature tonal branding and patch pockets on the reverse.

Admiral Sporting Goods

Man wearing a heavyweight navy sweatshirt and charcoal grey sweatpants

Admiral Sporting Goods represents over a century of sporting tradition in the UK. Launched in 2020 as a sub-brand of Admiral Sportswear, its designs draw inspiration from Admiral’s mid-century sportswear, including thick jersey cotton trackwear, T-shirts and more.

The brand’s Stretton sweatpants are made from 395gsm cotton, so they’re not the heaviest on the list, but they’re still plenty thick enough to handle daily duties while being durable enough for many years of use.

What to consider when buying heavyweight sweatpants


Close up of Champion Reverse Weave thick/heavyweight material


The fabric is the most important thing to consider when shopping for a pair of heavyweight sweatpants. As mentioned, this will usually be a fleece-backed jersey cotton, and it should weigh around 12oz or more.

This will give the garment more structure, durability and warmth. Sweatpants in this weight might sit differently on the body than you’re used to, but you’ll likely find them more comfortable in the long run.


Man wearing tapered heavyweight fleece grey sweatpants by Reigning Champ with a green Henley shirt, white beanie and white sneakers outfit

Fit is a matter of personal preference. Some like their sweatpants to hang loose and baggy for maximum comfort, while others prefer a more fitted look.

Our advice is to aim somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. The top block should have a good amount of room, with a slight taper from the knee down to the leg opening for a classic fit.


Man wearing matching black heavyweight sweatshirt and sweatpants with a gold chain necklace


Grey is the classic choice, but it’s not the only one. Simple neutrals, including navy and black, work well, but we recommend staying away from anything too bright or bold.

Keep versatility in mind – you want something you can wear with many different things, so don’t box yourself in with an awkward color.

Weight & thickness

Man wearing heavyweight black sweatpants with a white T-shirt, thick brown sweatshirt and chunky white sneakers


Again, look for a fabric that weighs around 12oz or around 400 gsm. A bit higher than this is good too.

Anything below that weight can’t accurately be described as heavyweight and won’t feel nice and thick in your hand.


The price is the final thing to consider when shopping for thick, heavyweight sweatpants.

Generally, you can expect heavyweight sweatpants to be slightly more expensive than their midweight counterparts, purely due to the additional materials required to make them.

You’ll struggle to find a decent pair for under $50/£50, and for premium options you’ll be paying much more than that.