There’s More to Gloves than Black

Gloves are an inconvenience in the modern world. Anyone who has felt their touchscreen phone buzzing in their coat pocket as they hurry to work, carrying a latte in one hand, will know the awful feeling of awkwardness as they chew off their gloves in an attempt to answer the call; gloved hands can not an iPhone answer.

However, there is something glorious about a pair of warm gloved hands, something protective and reassuring. For all the irritation they cause when their removal is necessitated, there is simply nothing to beat wandering into the unforgiving chill in a substantial overcoat and soft-lined leather gloves; you feel cosseted but dignified, cosy but elegant.

I used to regard gloves as a utilitarian wardrobe item, something only to be used when the weather is “like…really cold” and contented myself with some black woollen mitts, bought for an insignificant sum in one of the many stores on the high street. Now, I not only view gloves as an essential winter accessory to keep away the cold and the lingering germs on cash machines, handrails and door handles but also as an accessory to be celebrated and collected; the world does not begin and end with black leather gloves.

The grey gloves


Grey is one of the most elegant tones in the spectrum sartorium and grey gloves are an elegant and dandyish alternative to black: grey gloves are the correct colour for formal morning dress and Boldini’s famous portrait of Robert de Montesquiou feature the subject in an elegant pair. Whilst still masculine enough for everyday wear, they are a pleasant contrast to the dark blues, blacks and charcoal, in which the humble black glove so often goes unnoticed.

The tan gloves


Tan is not exactly the first colour associated with winter; peanut-buttery clothing is not precipitation friendly. However, the camel coat has no better partner than a pair of tan gloves. Black gloves look rather too stark and flipper-ish poking from a camel sleeve. They also look rather striking with navy blue, light and dark grey. Pair with brown or tan shoes.

The yellow gloves


Yellow leather is unusual thing; yellow leather gloves are even more peculiar. However, for all those that do not think of washing and cleaning in the kitchen, yellow gloves can add a floral punch to a dull winter outfit. They are unexpected, eyecatching and act as a point of interest. There is not much that they ‘match’ with –  yellow overcoats belong to the cartoons of Dick Tracy – but they contrast splendidly with coats of any description.