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35 Men’s Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram can be a black hole for your attention so if you’re looking for great menswear-related inspiration, give these a follow.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

Instagram must be the only company in the world that can bend time. One minute you’re casually scrolling through your feed out of boredom; the next all the plants in your house have died and all you have to show for it is untold hours of watching futsal, animal savagery and memes. You came for the menswear, you stayed for the bikinis and skateboarding fails. We know, it happens to the best of us.

To save you falling down another blackhole, we’ve curated a list of excellent menswear follows, from inspirational accounts and fashion influencers through to the current hype brands and streetstyle photographers. Whether you’re a sartorialist or a streetwear fan, you’ll find plenty in here to keep you distracted – in the best sense of the word.

Men’s fashion brands

Aime Leon Dore

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A post shared by Aimé Leon Dore (@aimeleondore)

The brainchild of creative director Teddy Santis, Aimé Leon Dore was founded in 2014 and has since shot to fame, becoming one of the most sought-after labels for its authentic amalgamation of preppy classics with New York-inspired streetwear.

The IG account is full of styling inspiration thanks to the slick, minimalist editorials and lookbook shots.

Follow: @aimeleondore


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A post shared by Drake’s (@drakesdiary)

Flicking through Drake’s IG feed feels like you belong to a fun, esoteric social club that enjoys weekends in the country when it’s not dressing down in the city. With candid editorial and inspiring lookbook photography, Drake’s feed is always full of smiles and diversity, not to mention excellent tailoring and timeless casualwear.

Follow: @drakesdiary

Rowing Blazers


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A post shared by Rowing Blazers (@rowingblazers)

Rowing Blazers by Jack Carlson has deftly rode the wave of new school preppiness in recent years, becoming a much-loved favourite of nostalgia heads. Hence you can expect to find plenty of vintage reference images, together with an always uplifting presentation of its current collections.

Follow: @rowingblazers

F.E. Castleberry


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A post shared by F.E. Castleberry (@fecastleberry)

Frederick Egan Castleberry is the founder of his eponymously named brand that fuses a love of old-school tailoring with that new era of nostalgic preppiness, all wrapped up in a bolshy New York attitude.

Fun, irreverent, and a brilliant insight into how to make tailoring relevant again.

Follow: @fecastleberry



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A post shared by 𝐀𝐌𝐈 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐢 (@amiparis)

Alexandre Mattuissi’s AMI has nailed down IG since day one, using it as a platform to showcase the founder’s creative vision through the medium of stunning editorial photography. Interspersing black and white photography will uber-glossy still life, the revered French brand’s feed is designed to be drooled over.

Follow: @AMIparis

Men’s fashion inspiration

Phil Cohen


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A post shared by Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

Art director and graphic designer Phil Cohen began his Instagram journey posting snapshots of his daily fits, before eventually sticking to flat-lays, and then adding fitting videos.

The original gridmaster, Cohen is fast approaching a million followers who come for his casual, muted streetwear looks and understated palette. If you want to build an off-duty wardrobe, there’s no better place to look for inspiration.

Follow: @thepacman82

Deon Hinton


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A post shared by deon hinton (@okdeon)

Male model and content creator Deon Hinton is an inspiration to many, opening up about the many hardships he has had to face and overcome in his life. His feed is a beautiful curation of images that capture a sense of poetic serenity to his work.

His styling pics are always on point, favouring a minimalist aesthetic that leans on a neutral palette. It’s really just a stunning feed by a guy who knows how to find beauty in everything.

Follow: @okdeon

Men in this Town


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A post shared by Giuseppe Santamaria (@meninthistown)

Men in this Town is the account of street style photographer and author Giuseppe Santamaria, who turns his cultured lens on everyday guys nailing their looks in locations around Sydney, Australia.

As it turns out, they’re a pretty cool-looking bunch Down Under.

Follow: @meninthistown

Stylish Gridgame


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A post shared by Stylish Grid Game (@stylishgridgame)

Stylish Gridgame does exactly what it says on the tin. With an endless supply of elevated street style configurations up its digital sleeve, this is a superb account for refilling the creative tank with new styling ideas.

Follow: @stylishgridgame

Men With Class


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A post shared by menwithclass (@menwithclass)

One for the sartorial heads, Men With Class is a first-rate inspiration account for all things tailoring. Highlighting some of the most dapper gents on the planet, it’s never short of ideas for how to pull a smart look together.

Follow: @menwithclass

Men’s street style photographers

The Sartorialist


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A post shared by Scott Schuman (@thesartorialist)

When we think of fashion street photography, the first name to spring to mind is Scott Schuman. The founder of The Sartorialist blog might have branched out into various other avenues now, but his street style work is still peerless, and an endless source of inspiration.

If you want to know how the world’s best-dressed do it, The Sartorialist is a must-follow.

Follow: @thesartorialist

Thousand Yard Style


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A post shared by Robert Spangle (@thousandyardstyle)

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Robert Spangle. Yes he’s a street style photographer, but the former US-Marine-cum-wildfire-fighter-cum-luggage-designer has many tricks under his sleeves.

Going under the moniker of Thousand Yard Style, Spangle’s feed takes you from the streets of Paris to the rubble of Ukraine, all documented with his unerring eye for the human spirit.

Follow: @thousandyardstyle



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A post shared by Adam Katz Sinding (@aks)

Since 2003, Adam Katz Sinding has been documenting the zeitgeist of the contemporary fashion industry on a global level. Based in Copenhagen, AKS has a unique eye for unique looks, and is always showcasing those fine details that make someone truly distinctive.

Whichever fashion capital he happens to be stalking, his visual dispatches are a wealth of style inspiration.

Follow: @AKS



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A post shared by Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon)

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, otherwise known as GarconJon, is a widely recognised street style photographer and author (check out his book, Garçon Style) whose images have an almost otherworldly romanticism to them.

Focused almost exclusively on menswear, his feed is a beautiful curation of street style and editorial from his travels all over the world.

Follow: @garconjon

Jamie Ferguson


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A post shared by Jamie Ferguson (@jkf_man)

Street style photographer, author and bon viveur Jamie Ferguson typically focuses his lens on the sartorial side of menswear, capturing the most contemporary trends in tailoring and artisanal workwear. He does so with a cheeky sense of humour that plays out in his stunning images.

Follow: @Jkf_man

Men’s fashion influencers

Luka Sabbat


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A post shared by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat)

The self-styled ‘creative entrepreneur’ is a contemporary powerhouse of edgy luxury fashion. Born in NYC and spending his childhood living between Paris, the part Irish, English, German and Haitian model and creative was born into a fashion family, if it wasn’t already obvious.

Being one of the world’s top black male models, Sabbat is a natural in front of the camera (he’s now acting, too). And with a slick eye for styling, Sabbat’s feed is like having one foot in his impossibly cool world.

Follow: @lukasabbat

Johannes Huebl


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A post shared by Johannes Huebl (@johanneshuebl)

If German model Johannes Huebl’s life wasn’t already perfect enough (the guy is married to socialite Olivia Palermo), the sickening blow comes when one realises how old he is. Huebl is on his 45th year on planet earth, leading us to think that he has shaken hands with the devil.

Jealousy aside, Huebl is a great resource for modern tailoring inspo and that luxe off-duty look that is probably as expensive as it looks.

Follow: @johanneshuebl

Jon Kortjarena


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A post shared by Jon Kortajarena (@jonkortajarena)

Spanish model Kortjarena has his impossibly chiselled facial features and that bold flourish of hair to thank for a stellar model career that has spanned campaigns for Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, and Versace among others.

Now, at 36 years old, he’s one of the old guard, but he still keeps busy as his IG account proves, with a fun mix of candid images and work shots from his travels all over the world.

Follow: @jonkortajarena

Richard Biedul


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A post shared by Richard Biedul (@richardbiedul)

The IG account of British model, influencer and designer Richard Biedul is an absolute trove of styling inspiration, documenting his unique penchant for mixing classic tailoring silhouettes with contemporary elements.

If you want to understand how to dress smart in a way that’s relevant to right now, then Biedul is your go-to guy. Slick, sophisticated and refreshingly individual.

Follow: @richardbiedul



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A post shared by 𝔧𝔬𝔢𝔩 (@gallucks)

With a penchant for boxy fits in a monochrome palette, Gallucks is an instantly recognisable face on the menswear influencer scene, with over 350k followers all there for his creative take on luxury streetwear.

If you’re a fan of an all-black wardrobe then you’ll find plenty to love in Galluck’s looks.

Follow: @gallucks

Simon Crompton


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A post shared by Permanent Style (@permanentstylelondon)

‘Style blogger’ doesn’t seem like a big enough title for Simon Crompton, founder of Permanent Style: the sartorially-inclined blog that has been at the forefront of the tailoring renaissance since it began in 2007.

Crompton’s feed is an extension of the blog, wherein he showcases some of the industry’s finest artisans, as well as providing the most in-depth answers to sartorial questions.

Follow: @permanentstylelondon

Men’s streetwear

Basement Approved


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A post shared by The Basement (@basementapproved)

Basement Approved has always been at the cutting edge of streetwear culture, providing a platform and community for like-minded enthusiasts.

If you want to get ahead of the latest streetwear drops, then Basement Approved always gives you a heads up, alongside posting some amazing urban culture nostalgia.

Follow: @basementapproved

Ronnie Fieg


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A post shared by Kith (@kith)

The Midas of the contemporary sneaker world, Ronnie Fieg has the golden touch when it comes to kicks. A must-scroll for sneakerheads and hypebeasts, Fieg’s feed is a slick representation of all the man represents: modern streetwear styling with a small but covetable sprinkling of ballerness.

Follow: @ronniefieg



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A post shared by HIDDEN ⓗ (@hidden.ny)

There is perhaps no better moodboard for streetwear ‘Past, Present, and Future’ (as the bio goes) than Hidden.ny, which curates nostalgic kicks and streetwear fits on the one hand, and boundary-pushing creativity on the other.

Come for the kicks and stay for the vintage cars.

Follow: @hidden.ny

The Drop Date


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A post shared by THE DROP DATE (@thedropdate)

If you live in the UK or Europe and have an affliction for buying hard-to-find and rare kicks, then the The Drop Date is a vital account, sharing the release dates of every new sneaker drop known to man.

Actually getting your hands on them is another challenge entirely, but at least you’ll be in the know.

Follow: @thedropdate

Men’s fashion insiders



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A post shared by 𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐎® (@nigo)

A Bathing Ape founder and now artistic director at Paris fashion house Kenzo, Nigo is a creative polymath. He exists at the intersection of music, culture, fashion and design, and his output in each is simply remarkable.

His IG account gives the merest glimpse into the machinations of his mind, but it’s well worth your fleeting attention.

Follow: @nigo

Alessandro Michele


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A post shared by Alessandro Michele (@alessandro_michele)

Gucci’s creative director since 2015, Alessandro Michele is one of the most powerful and creative talents in the industry, reinventing the iconic Italian brand with his maximalist aesthetic.

His IG feed is as glamorous and eclectic as you could imagine it to be, with plenty of revealing moments about life as one of the most important people in fashion, but juxtaposed with candid photographs of Michele with friends, or of objects and scenes he finds inherent beauty in.

Follow: @alessandro_michele

Nick Wooster


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A post shared by Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster)

Beloved of street style photographers around the world, the incomparable Mr Wooster has created his very own unique niche of menswear that social media can’t get enough of. You’ll find him most days wearing a pair of oversized billowy shorts, or failing that rugged cargo pants, but he’s not shy when it comes to contemporary tailoring either.

If anything, Wooster proves that you’re never too old to be a cool kid.

Follow: @nickwooster

Leon Dame


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A post shared by Leon (@leondame)

One of the most in-demand male models of the moment, when Berlin-born Dame isn’t power walking down runways and generally causing a global stir, he’s shooting campaigns for the world’s biggest labels.

His IG is an inspiring photo journal of his work, interspersed with candid moments and abstract images.

Follow: @leondame

Alton Mason


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A post shared by Alton (@altonmason)

Alton Mason’s rise to male model stardom has been nothing short of meteoric and one glance at his IG shows you exactly why. The American model showcases his editorial shoots, campaigns and runway shots, with a heady mix of luxury streetwear looks to dissect.

Follow: @altonmason

Diet Prada


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A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada)

Fashion’s very own bullshit detector, Diet Prada has been calling out the fakes, frauds and copycats of the industry for years. With so much smoke and mirrors in the industry, it’s refreshing to find an IG account that cuts through to the truth and says it how it is.

Follow: @diet_prada

Men’s fashion magazines

V Man


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A post shared by VMAN (@vman)

V Man’s IG strapline is ‘The vanguard of men’s fashion destinations’ and, well, it’s hard to argue with that. The men’s style magazine founded by Stephen Gan in 1999 continues to be a leader in the fashion press, shooting amazing editorials that sit alongside interviews with the industry’s leading figures and brightest young prospects.

Follow: @vman

WM Brown


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A post shared by Matt Hranek (@wmbrownproject)

Brainchild of effervescent American Matt Hranek, the WM Brown Project is a magazine that champions timeless style through a nostalgic, well-heeled lens.

Hranek’s obsessed with negroni cocktails, steak, vintage cars, classic tailoring, Americana and European elegance – in short, all the good things in life, which he showcases on IG with infectious boyish charm.

Follow: @wmbrownproject

Another Man


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A post shared by Another Man Magazine (@another_man)

With a beautifully curated feed of esoteric photography and creative editorials, Another Man’s IG feed is an eclectic insight into modern culture and menswear with links to some amazing interviews with some of the most interesting creatives of our time. A brilliant resource for contemporary fashion photography.

Follow: @another_man



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A post shared by MR PORTER (@mrporter)

Not a magazine per se, but the ecommerce behemoth was the first to truly champion digital editorial, setting the a new benchmark for brands creating content.

The quality has never dipped and the company’s IG feed is testament to that, with slick product shots and editorials providing all the styling inspiration one could ever need.

Follow: @mrporter