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A Bathing Ape (BAPE) Sizing Guide: Expert Tips & Size Charts For The Perfect Fit

Find out if BAPE fits true to size and see accurate size charts for BAPE jackets, tops, T-shirts, pants and more.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

One of the original streetwear brands, A BAthing Ape – aka BAPE – revolutionised clothing throughout the 90s and 00s with its eclectic use of logos, graphic design and cultural references.

Founded by Nigo and beloved by every rapper from Pharrell to Kanye and beyond, BAPE is one of the first streetwear brands to cut into the mainstream. It’s still going strong 30 years later, with its T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and outerwear proving popular with those who value classic menswear inspired by the worlds of skate, sportswear and tailoring.

Given its boundary crossing designs, you’re likely wondering how the brand fits. From its simple tees through to its outerwear and trousers, here’s everything you need to know.

Does BAPE run big or small?

Two men wearing printed BAPE hoodies - one in camo and the other in grey

Despite what you might think, BAPE typically is cut fairly regular, although the clothing has a tendency to come up slightly small.

Given its popularity during the 90s and 00s, you might be forgiven for thinking the label prefers baggy, oversized silhouettes, but that was more a product of the time – people were purposefully opting for one or two sizes above their true size.

If anything, BAPE clothing has a tendency to run slightly small, with its hoodies, sweats and tees cut quite slim. Many forums across the web have discussed this, with the vast majority of people suggesting that you might be best to size up with BAPE garments.

If in doubt, buy a couple of sizes – your regular size and the next size up, for example – and see which one fits best.

Does BAPE fit true to size?

Man wearing slouchy BAPE printed green jacket with a camo T-shirt, green bucket hat and khaki pants

It really depends on the season and the kind of garment you’re after, but as a general rule, BAPE tends to fit slightly small. This is potentially because it is a Japanese brand and the country’s men on the whole have smaller builds than those in the West.

So, if you’re a regular build and want garments that are comfortable and easy to style, it’s worth considering sizing up with BAPE.

Certainly, its tees and hoodies typically come up slightly small, and given they’re often worn as part of relaxed, casual getups, going up a size is a good move for overall comfort and layering potential.

Jackets and outerwear can vary, so it’s best to buy a couple of sizes and try them on in person to see which fits best. If you can, measure your favourite garment and compare the numbers to the BAPE size charts below. This will give you the best idea of how it will fit without having to go in store.

But as always, trying a garment on in person is the best way to dictate which size to get.

BAPE standard size chart

BAPE’s standard guideline sizing charts are as follows, but it’s always best to check the specific type of product for any fluctuations:

Height 61-65 63-67 67-70 70-74 74-77 77-80
Chest 32-35 35-38 38-41 41-44 44-47 47-50
Waist 29-30 30-31 31-33 33-36 36-39 39-41
Hip 35-37 37-39 39-41 41-43 43-41 45-47

BAPE T-shirts size chart

Unlike many streetwear brands, which go for a more oversized fit, BAPE T-shirts come up small. So for starters, you should probably begin your search by going up one size, which acts as your regular size.

If you want an oversized look, you should size up again. For example, if you’re usually a medium, you’ll want a large for a normal fit, and an extra large for an oversized fit.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder
Small 18 25.5 16
Medium 19.5 27 17.5
Large 21 28.5 19
X-Large 22 29.5 20
XX-Large 23 30.5 21

BAPE hoodies and sweatshirts size chart

Close up of man wearing A Bathing Ape / BAPE green printed hoodie underneath a camo jacket

Unless otherwise stated, BAPE hoodies are cut slim, coming up pretty small. You’ll want to size up at least one size for a regular fit, while going up two sizes will give you a more oversized look.

This might be counter intuitive as you’d expect a streetwear brand to be producing oversized garments, but this is how BAPE has been doing it for years.

The same applied to sweatshirts. Size up at least one size for a regular fit here also.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 19.25 24.5 14.75 21.5
Medium 20.5 25 16.25 22
Large 21.5 27 17 23.25
X-Large 22.5 27.5 18 23.5
XX-Large 23.75 28.25 19 24

BAPE jackets and outerwear size chart

It’s a similar story for BAPE’s jackets and outerwear, which generally come up a bit small. There will be some variations here, but on the whole it’s wise to go up a size or two.

BAPE’s outerwear isn’t typically designed to be slim fit – its parkas, bombers and puffers are intended as layering pieces that should be able to accommodate other garments underneath. This is all the more reason to go up the next size.

As always, it’s worth trying it on first, especially as outerwear can be one of your most expensive purchases.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 23 25.5 Raglan 24.25
Medium 24 26 Raglan 24.5
Large 25 26.5 Raglan 24.75
X-Large 26 27 Raglan 25
XX-Large 27 27.5 Raglan 25.25

BAPE shirts size chart

In a break from the norm, BAPE’s shirts tend to be cut relaxed and/or boxy, which means you may be safe with your usual size.

If in doubt, order your standard size and the one above, and keep the one that fits best.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 23 30 18 21
Medium 24 30.5 18.5 21.5
Large 25 31 19 22
X-Large 26 31.5 19.5 22.5
XX-Large 27 32 20 23

BAPE knitwear size chart

Man wearing A Bathing Ape / BAPE brown logo printed T-shirt underneath a light blue textured cardigan with brown pants

The brand isn’t particularly known for its knitwear, but if you’re going to buy one of BAPE’s cardigans or sweaters, it would be wise to size up like elsewhere with the brand.

This is particularly important with knitwear, which has a tendency to shrink slightly in the wash.

Size up at least once and you should be safe.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 22.5 25 Raglan 22
Medium 23 26 Raglan 22.5
Large 23.5 27 Raglan 23
X-Large 24 28 Raglan 23.5
XX-Large 24.5 29 Raglan 24

BAPE trousers and shorts size charts

BAPE usually states the fit of its trousers, either in the product description or on the product label, so it’s worth checking this before purchasing.

As a general rule, the brand swerves slim fits in favour of relaxed legs, but the waist measurement can still be quite small.

It’s therefore worth buying your regular size and the next size up when shopping online, to see which one fits best. Simply return the one that doesn’t fit as well.

BAPE pants size chart

Size Waist Rise Inside Leg Ankle Thigh
Small 30 10.5 28 7.5 13
Medium 32 10.75 28.5 8 13.5
Large 34 11 29.5 8.5 14.5
X-Large 36 11.25 30 9 15
XX-Large 38 11.5 30.5 9.5 16

BAPE shorts size chart

Size Waist Rise Inside Leg
Small 28 9.75 8
Medium 30 10 8.5
Large 32 10 9.25
X-Large 33 10.25 10
XX-Large 35 10.5 10.75