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Palm Angels Sizing Guide: Expert Tips & Size Charts For The Perfect Fit

Find out if Palm Angels fits true to size and see accurate size charts for Palm Angels tracksuits, jackets, tops, T-shirts, pants and more.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

It didn’t take long for Palm Angels to become one of the biggest names in streetwear, and as a result, fashion. Originally founded in 2011 by Francesco Ragazzi as a photography project, before a fully-fledged clothing line dropped in 2015, Palm Angels quickly became one of the hottest labels around.

This is partly thanks to its bold designs and heavy use of graphics, which nearly always play on its distinctive logo, but also because of the celebrities who wore it. Everyone from A$AP Rocky to Playboi Carti to Joe Jonas have worn Palm Angels, with the brand’s tees, hoodies and contemporary take on the tracksuit proving especially popular.

But how does Palm Angels fit? From its outerwear through to its trousers and shirts, here’s everything you need to know.

Does Palm Angels run big or small?

Frontage of a flagship Palm Angels clothing store

Palm Angels sizing is deceptive. While you’ll typically find people wearing the brand in silhouettes that are baggy and oversized, we’re willing to hazard a guess they’ve gone up one or two sizes.

Palm Angels typically wears true to size, with its tees, hoodies, jackets and trousers regular in cut. If anything, depending on your build, you might find the brand runs slightly small. For example, in its jackets, a large is listed as a 40, with an XL being a 42.

If you’re in-between sizes, we’d recommend going for the next size up to be safe, as if you’re on the cusp your usual size might be a bit slim.

Of course, being streetwear, these are clothes that you probably want to look relaxed rather than tight, so it’s best to try on in store and go from there.

Does Palm Angels fit true to size?

Selection of men's Palm Angels clothing hanging in the Milan store

Largely, yes, Palm Angels does fit true to size. The majority of its garments are cut with regular fits, designed to be comfortable and somewhat relaxed.

That said, unless stated, Palm Angels garments aren’t oversized, unless you purposely go for the next size up. Some pieces are designed to be loose, but the brand will state this in the product description or on the label, so take this into account when making a purchase for yourself.

Typically, we’d recommend sticking to your usual size, unless you’re in between sizes (in which case size up), or you want an oversized look.

Palm Angels size conversions

Palm Angels sizing is typically shown in French/Italian (i.e. European) sizing. To help you convert quickly to your usual size, use the table below:

Italy/France Standard Size UK/US
40 XXXS 30
42 XXS 32
44 XS 34
46 S 36
48 M 38
50 L 40
52 XL 42
54 XXL 44

Palm Angels tracksuits size chart

Man wearing a green Palm Angels tracksuit which fits true to size

Palm Angels is perhaps best known for its tracksuits. Reminiscent of the 70s casual scene, they are popular because of their myriad colour options, but also the fit, which is easy and comfortable.

Cut fairly regular, they’re designed to fit closer to the body than other Palm Angels garments, but we wouldn’t go as far to say they’re slim cut.

Stick to your regular size and you’ll be fine.

Palm Angels tracksuit tops size chart

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Large 21.5 25 17 19.5
Medium 20.5 24.5 16.5 19.5
Small 19 24 15.5 19
X-Large 22.5 26 17.5 20
X-Small 18 23.25 15 19
XX-Large 23.75 26.5 18 20.5
XX-Small 17 22.75 14.5 19

Palm Angels tracksuit bottoms size chart

Size Waist Rise Inside Leg Ankle Thigh
Large 36 12 30 8 13.5
Medium 35 11 30 8 13
Small 32 10.5 30 8 13
X-Large 37 12.5 30 8 14
X-Small 30 10 30 7 12
XX-Large 38 13 31 8 15

Palm Angels T-shirts size chart

Black man wearing a white printed back Palm Angels T-shirt with white pants.

As a general rule, Palm Angels T-shirts tend to fit true to size. These streetwear tees feature a regular cut which has room in the body and shoulders, with the hems ending around the bicep.

The brand’s loud designs and bright colourways do lend themselves well to being oversized though, so if that’s the look you want we’d recommend going up at least one size.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder
XX-Small 18 26.25 18.5
X-Small 19 26.75 19.25
Small 21 26.75 20.5
Medium 21.5 28 21
Large 23 28 21
X-Large 24 29.75 22
XX-Large 25 30.25 23

Palm Angels hoodies and sweatshirts size chart

Man wearing black, oversized printed Palm Angels hoodie with black pants and sunglasses

Unless explicitly stated, Palm Angels hoodies and sweatshirts are cut in regular fits, ensuring they fit true to size.

You won’t find anything slim. You may occasionally discover garments cut in relaxed silhouettes, but this will be stated on the product description online, and on the label in store.

In short, go for your regular size when it comes to these sought-after streetwear hoodies and sweatshirts.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
XX-Small 26.5 23 25 18
X-Small 27.5 23.5 26 19
Small 29 25 27 20
Medium 30 25 28 20
Large 31 26 29 20.5
X-Large 33 27 30 20.5
XX-Large 35 28 31 20.75

Palm Angels jackets size chart

Man wearing a shearling Palm Angels jacket

Palm Angels regularly produces a range of lightweight jackets, from bombers through to military-style hooded raincoats. They’re nearly always made with regular fits that are neither too large nor too slim.

This Goldilocks fit is true if you stick to your usual size. However, go oversized and although it will likely be comfortable, be warned that Palm Angels’ jacket sleeves can be quite long, so unless you want that look, sizing up.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 22 26.75 19 20
Medium 23 27 19.5 20
Large 24 27.25 20 20
X-Large 25 27.5 20.5 20

Palm Angels coats size chart

Man wearing padded red Palm Angels puffer jacket with white stripes over a black sweatshirt

You’ll usually find a slight difference between the fit of some Palm Angels jackets and others. They’re never slim, and only ever regular fit or slightly oversized.

What this means is that you can (and should) usually stick to your regular size, unless you want to go for a more baggy look.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Small 27 36.5 20.5 17.5
Medium 28 37 21 17.75
Large 29 38 21.5 18
X-Large 29.5 39.5 22 18

Palm Angels knitwear size chart

Man wearing white Palm Angels knit sweater, loose white pants and canvas sneakers

It’s a similar story with Palm Angels’ knitwear as it is with most of its garments. They’re typically cut regular, so if in doubt stick true to size.

That said, there are times when you’ll discover baggier cardigans and crew necks in the collection. We’d still suggest keeping your regular size though, as the brand is all about that relaxed aesthetic.

Size Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm
Large 29.5 24 30 23.5
Medium 29 23 29 23
Small 28.5 22 28 23

Palm Angels pants and shorts size chart

Man wearing Palm Angels denim shorts, denim overshirt and cable knit sweater

Palm Angels isn’t known for its pants, but it does regularly produce chinos and streetwear pants as well as shorts.

In line with the rest of its sizing, they are nearly always a regular straight cut, so stay true to your usual size and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Size Waist Rise Inside Leg Ankle Thigh
46 30 10 31.5 8.75 11
48 32 10.25 31.5 8.75 11.25
50 34 10.25 31.5 9 12.25
52 36 10.5 31.5 9.25 12.25