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30 Luxury Pants Brands All Stylish Men Should Know

From lightweight cotton chinos to razor-sharp pleats, these are the brands making the best men's trousers in the world right now.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

Pants are the unsung heroes of our collective wardrobe, covering half of our bodies but rarely getting the plaudits they deserve. But when you invest in a great pair, they can instantly elevate your look, whether you’re going for a sophisticated tailored ensemble or a relaxed streetwear silhouette.

Pants offer great opportunities to introduce interesting textures, while different widths and lengths can completely change the direction of an outfit. Tailored tapered trousers are professional and sleek for example, whereas wide-leg trousers project a much more creative personality.

Just by adding a simple turn-up, or having pants tailored so they are slightly cropped, can totally alter the dynamic of an outfit, so you should give your potential pants purchases due consideration.

With that in mind, we’ve put together an extensive list of the best luxury pants makers on the planet right now. It includes sartorial specialists, fabled luxury houses, but also streetwear names that continually come up with the goods. It’s by no means exhaustive but it’s a great place to begin upgrading your pants rotation.

The best luxury casual pant brands for men


LA-based brand Amiri was founded by Mike Amiri in 2014 and has quickly garnered a cult following for its unique take on streetwear. Well represented by a host of rappers and sports celebrities, Amiri’s aesthetic has grown up in recent seasons, moving slightly away from the distressed skinny denim vibe and becoming more elevated.

Denim has always been a core part of the brand identity, but Amiri has introduced new baggier silhouettes in jeans and cargo pants with creative embellishments on them. It has even introduced wide-leg double-pleat trousers into the mix.

While there’s a hefty markup for the brand cachet, Amiri is definitely worth top dollar.

Collaborate. Creat. Rebel. That’s the motto of LA-based brand Gallery Dept., founded by artist and designer Josué Thomas, and it sticks to its guns. This streetwear label reinterprets classic pant silhouettes for a contemporary audience, using some exceptional fabrics such as Japanese cotton twill and vintage denim.

Gallery Dept. is big into repurposing, so in many cases, no two pairs of pants are ever perfectly alike. The aesthetic is wacky and very individualistic, with plenty of flared denim styles and embellished track pants.

You will not find anything like Gallery Dept. anywhere else, which is the definition of exclusive.

Rick Owens

The Dark Lord of Menswear, Rick Owens has firmly established himself as one of the big players in contemporary fashion, thanks to his inimitable aesthetic of gothic-futurism. One of his bestsellers and iconic garments is the Drop-Crotch Pant, which comes in a variety of lengths but almost exclusively in dark tones.

Owens’ more avant-garde creations consist of embellished denim jeans, super-skinny pants and overtly distressed styles. None of it is for wallflowers, but amongst some of the madness are some superb baggy pant and cargo pant silhouettes that would give your streetwear a high-fashion edge.


Unique handmade clothing doesn’t ever come cheap, but Bode’s brand of unique menswear is well worth the investment. Founded by Emily Adams Bode Aujla in 2016, Bode has grown to become a luxury menswear brand specializing in modern workwear silhouettes.

Its one-of-a-kind pants collection is a real treasure trove of garments, lovingly handmade with an inherent sense of nostalgia. Think lots of wide colorful stripes and vintage fabrics creating some beautiful and interesting textures.

If you want your casualwear wardrobe to stand out from the crowd, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better brand to do so with.


Japanese label ACRONYM burst onto the scene in 1994 and completely redefined techwear thanks to a uniquely minimalist approach to streetwear, incorporating technical fabrics in ways not seen before.

One of its most famous pants silhouettes is the Schoeller Dryskin Ultrawide Drawcord Cargo Trouser Gen. 1.0 (doesn’t that just trip off the tongue?), which is, in ACRONYM’s own terms, “a convertible, ultrawide, zero-resistance utility pant… featuring a distributed storage array of 14 pockets, articulated knees, an updated integrated fully-adjustable QLQR waistband and a one-handed QLQR waistband release tab. The most comfortable cargo pant we have ever made.”

As you can see, ACRONYM takes their utility very seriously. If you’re a techwear evangelist, you’re probably already singing from this hymn sheet.

Greg Lauren

Once you’ve seen a Greg Lauren collection, you’ll never say that cargo pants are boring or middle-aged. The American designer has cultivated a creative love affair with the humble cargo, but there is absolutely no trace of ‘practical utility’ here.

Lauren’s designs are heavily stylised, incorporating patchwork fabrics, embroidery, print work and myriad different fabrics including denim, all of which amounts to a unique pair of pants. The silhouettes are varied too, with cropped styles vying with super baggy options.

JW Anderson

Jonathan Anderson’s eponymous brand is well known for its avant-garde designs, but its the womenswear and bags which garner most of the column inches. The menswear line is a bit of a secret, and while still pretty out-there in places, the pants collection is a fun harmony of workwear silhouettes and Anderson’s playful creativity.

There are lots of wide-leg baggy options in a variety of fabrics, and there’s never a tongue-in-cheek print far away. It does a great range of track pants, as well as stunning wide-leg pleat trousers that would slide into any discerning contemporary wardrobe.

Studio Nicholson

Studio Nicholson was founded in 2010 by Nick Wakeman. With a fabric-first attitude to design, Wakeman’s ethos focuses entirely on texture, tactility and structure, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of sources, not least Japanese architecture, interiors, grunge music, 1990s sub-culture and geological landscapes.

The pants collection is a masterclass in roomy shapes, with beautiful natural fibres such as wool crafted into both full and cropped drapey silhouettes. They almost always adhere to a strict colour palette of understated tones, too, making them exceptionally versatile to style.

Acne Studios

This Swedish brand has long been a favourite of streetwear aficionados, bringing an at times elevated yet grungy edge to contemporary wardrobes. The Acne aesthetic is impossible to pigeon-hole, combining traditional tailoring with streetwear tropes, hence you’ll find an eclectic array of pants styles each and every season.

Its distressed jeans and cargo pants are always a highlight, but don’t sleep on its tailored trousers selection either, beautifully made with excellent natural fibres and cut in contemporary cropped shapes or wide-leg fits.

CP Company

Cult techwear brand CP Company has been at the vanguard of fabric innovation ever since it was founded by Massimo Osti in 1971. Constantly coming up with new textiles and dyeing techniques, the Italian label has garnered a dedicated following.

Its casual pants collections are replete with lightweight technical styles that perfectly complement contemporary streetwear wardrobes.

Palm Angels

The Italian fashion label founded by former Moncler artistic director Francesco Ragazzi has grown from strength to strength since it launched its first collection in 2015. What started as an homage to LA skater culture has grown into a much broader and eclectic expression of luxury casualwear.

There’s a plethora of slick drawstring track pant styles in super-soft fabrics, which sit alongside retro-flare suit pants, wide-leg chinos and baggy parachute pants.


French luxury designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is best known for his stunning womenswear and accessories collections, and so much of his menswear slips under the radar. His aesthetic definitely has a summer bias (he’s from the South of France after all) with relaxed elevated streetwear shapes melding with tailored principles.

Jacquemus’ pants are typically relaxed and baggy, and almost always cut in buttery-soft natural fibres. They’re a great addition to any wardrobe that prefers a laid-back and voluminous silhouette.


Creative Director Matthew Williams has brought a unique luxury twist to pant silhouettes at the esteemed French fashion house Givenchy, where Parisian chic blends seamlessly with a creative approach to streetwear.

Super-luxe cotton casual chinos, distressed denim jeans, wide-leg styles, stunning tailored pants in unique mohair blends and a plethora of comfortable track pants make up a diverse and slick pants collection.

The best luxury dress pant brands for men


Part of the Slowear group, Incotex it has earned an excellent reputation for tailored chinos and relaxed pleated styles ever since it was founded in Venice in 1951.

From the sleek lines of slim-fit cuts to the easy elegance of relaxed fits, what truly sets Incotex apart is their vast array of fabrics, including the unique ‘tricochino’ – a blend of wool and rayon twill intertwined with the classic chino weave.

Pantaloni Torino

In the world of Italian pant specialists, Pantaloni Torino, aka PT, embodies a modern Italian elegance that can’t be ignored. The company’s focus on sartorially-inspired contemporary chinos and refined dress pants is evident in every collection.

Craftsmanship and innovation are the calling cards of Pantaloni Torino, and the brand doesn’t compromise when it comes to premium cottons and wools. So, if you’re looking to enhance your wardrobe’s separates rotation, PT is your answer.

Loro Piana

When it comes to luxury in the world of men’s fashion, Loro Piana is a name that needs no introduction. Whether it’s knits, outerwear or trousers, this family-owned Italian brand and fabric manufacturer reigns supreme in the realm of opulence.

The pants collection is a testament to its commitment to excellence, featuring the world’s finest cashmere, wool and rare fabrics. Be sure to check out their ‘Pantaflat’ trousers, the epitome of casual elegance, available in cotton, virgin wool and cashmere blends.

And for those who prefer a stunning casual cotton pant, the Quarona five-pocket style is sure to impress.

Officine Générale

Founded in 2012 by Pierre Mahéo, Officine Générale encapsulates contemporary Parisian aesthetics with an understated coolness that’s impossible to ignore. The brand is your go-to for beautifully tailored pants that exude quiet sophistication.

With an emphasis on quality materials, precise cuts and a minimalist aesthetic, Officine Générale’s pants don’t require a bold palette to do the talking – the statement is made in the delicious pleats, elegant tapering and fine details.

Tom Ford

While the eponymous designer may no longer be at the helm, the brand is now in the capable hands of Ermenegildo Zegna. Expect nothing less than glamour and opulence from the house of Tom Ford.

The label’s fabrics are nothing short of luxurious, with an array of pants options that include velvet, mohair, microcord, lyocell and cotton poplin. It’s a brand that guarantees you’ll make a statement every time you step out the house, and the perfect way to elevate your eveningwear wardrobe.

AMI Paris

AMI Paris, founded by Alexandre Mattiussi in 2011, effortlessly marries contemporary Parisian chic with casual luxury. Its pants are typically cropped and relaxed, but the brand offer a number of different silhouettes, from its iconic carrot pants to slim straight-leg styles and super wide-leg options.

What sets AMI apart is its ability to create pants that transition seamlessly from day to night. If you have a soft spot for looser cuts, you’re in for a treat this season.


Alessandro Sartori continues to weave magic at the Italian powerhouse Ermenegildo Zegna, taking the finest materials and fashioning them into beautiful pant styles, both traditional and contemporary.

From fine wools to technologically innovative blends, Zegna’s trousers exemplify the brand’s commitment to modernity. Like many of the luxury houses, Zegna has shifted to a baggier, more voluminous pant silhouette in recent seasons, favoring a laid-back natural drape.

Quiet luxury at its very best.


A British menswear icon since 1977, Drake’s, the newcomer on Savile Row, has gained a cult following for its preppy tailoring and casualwear with a classic British twist.

Its collection of flannel, cotton and corduroy pants for the colder months seamlessly complements any wardrobe aiming for relaxed elegance, while its warm-weather pants collections are always a treat, with seersucker, Irish linen and lightweight hopsack fabrics all to the fore.


Caruso, an Italian brand with roots dating back to 1958, embodies the essence of relaxed Italian tailoring. It’s no exaggeration to say that Caruso offers some of the best value on this list.

Its range of luxury trousers features impeccable cuts and exclusive fabrics, with the ‘Houdini’ pant being a standout, offering a contemporary take on the classic single-pleat trouser. Whether you prefer tropical wool or other fabric options, Caruso is here to elevate your style game.


The Parisian label founded by Jean Touitou in 1987 is celebrated for its minimalist aesthetics and high-quality basics. But A.P.C.’s pants are equally impressive.

The straight-cut pleated Pieter trousers are a perfect blend of smart and comfort, feeling as cozy as your favorite pajamas while looking as sharp as anything you’ll find at a specialist tailoring house. Its high-end denim collection is also not to be sniffed at.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is a name that frequently graces luxury brand lists, thanks to its unwavering commitment to fine fabrics and craftsmanship. The designer’s pleated ‘Leisure Pant’ is a standout, boasting an abundance of textural richness thanks to the exemplary fabrics it is crafted in.

Cut with a natural crop in the leg and featuring smart single pleats, these trousers are perfect for both smart and elevated casual wear.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

It’s all about the pleats at Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, an extension of the Japanese icon’s avant-garde approach to fashion. These pants are incredibly structural, with an almost architectural quality, bringing an Eastern sensibility to the Western notion of luxury.

Innovative, comfortable and beautifully contemporary, Homme Plissé Issey Miyake is a brand that will invariably give your wardrobe a sense of difference.

Giorgio Armani

The legendary Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, founded his eponymous brand in 1975, setting a new standard for refined elegance. Armani’s tailoring is characterized by clean lines, luxurious fabrics and a fluid minimalism that has stood the test of time.

Its trouser collection predominantly features black and charcoal hues, offering a plethora of refined cuts and unique wool-blend fabrics.

Alexander McQueen

Shopping for pants at the celebrated British fashion house Alexander McQueen always means one thing: razor-sharp tailoring that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

McQueen himself was schooled on Savile Row, and although Sarah Burton has now left the brand, the collections continue to adopt a sartorial approach to sharp-edged contemporary style.

The pants are stunning, with pleated and cropped legs dominating the tailored options. However, for us, the baggy styles and cigarette pants are the standouts.


Prada isn’t just a brand; it’s a statement of creativity and modernism. With Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada steering the ship, the last few seasons of Prada collections have been some of its creative best, with contemporary cuts in beautiful natural fibers.

Prada’s color palette is dominated by dark tones, blacks and greys, so if your wardrobe leans on a minimalist aesthetic, you’ll find plenty to love here, from slick tailoring to technical casualwear.

Thom Browne

One of the most avant-garde brands out there, Thom Browne’s runway shows are a blend of performance art and fashion, with crazy silhouettes in Browne’s trademark grey tones always stealing the headlines.

Diluted for the public, the collections are very wearable, with cropped tailored trousers and track pants being the most popular styles. Always crafted in supreme wools and cotton fabrics, Browne’s aesthetic is not for everyone, but if you want to make a sartorial statement, you’ll do very well here.


Under the creative direction of Sabato De Sarno, Gucci is undergoing a new transformation. The brand has reined in the maximalism of its predecessor, delving into the deep Gucci archives for references of timeless sophistication.

Gucci’s menswear pants are a statement of modern opulence, featuring wide-leg wool gabardine pants in bold tones that rival frayed denim and cotton drill formal trousers in rich camel tones.

It’s time to embrace the redefined Gucci aesthetic.