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22 Luxury Brands Elevating The Shacket For Fall/Winter 2024

Shackets, shirt-jackets, overshirts - call them what you will, they are an indispensable transitional layer for the fall/winter months. These are the labels producing the most luxurious versions this season.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

When the brisk winds of fall start to rustle the leaves and the temperature begins its gradual descent, it’s time to reach for a fashion-forward solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between shirts and jackets.

Enter the ‘shacket’, an unsung hero of men’s wardrobes. Also known as the overshirt or shirt-jacket, this sartorial marvel effortlessly combines style, functionality and warmth, making it an essential addition to your fall and winter arsenal.

Crafted from cotton fabrics that are heavier and warmer than your typical button-up shirt, the shacket provides a cozy shield against the seasonal chill. Cotton flannel, with its brushed nap that adeptly traps heat, takes the spotlight, adding depth and character to your outfits, while woven wool versions provide an extra layer of luxury utility.

But the shacket’s versatility knows no bounds; it can also be found in twill, corduroy, moleskin and denim variants. In recent seasons, the emergence of down-filled padded iterations and the use of innovative man-made materials have emerged, creating techwear-inspired takes on the shacket. Even so, the cotton version is still the industry standard thanks to its adaptability as both an internal and external layer.

The shacket is also synonymous with the CPO. The acronym stands for Chief Petty Officer, which is who the shirt was initially meant for when it was issued by the US Navy in the 1930s. It’s essentially a heavyweight wool overshirt, originally rendered in navy but now available in an array of tones.

It features distinctive flap-closure patch chest pockets and comes in a spacious fit, which allows officers to layer it over chunky knits. Widely used during WWII, it since became a utilitarian icon as it proliferated through army surplus stores. These days, the CPO moniker has all but been forgotten and the shirt gets lumped into the much broader shacket category.

What makes a shacket luxury?


Close up of a Loro Piana camel wool shacket/overshirt layered over a fine-gauge navy turtleneck

Loro Piana

While the heritage of the shacket is rooted in practicality and versatility, today’s luxury overshirts manage to merge these attributes with high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and a refined design aesthetic.

The single most important factor in what makes them ‘luxury’ is of course the fabric. High-quality organic cotton is the bar for all lightweight shackets, but where price tags start to get lofty, expect designs fashioned in top-tier materials such as cashmere, merino wool, alpaca or blends thereof, which offer exceptional softness, warmth and durability.


Close up of a man wearing a grey flannel overshirt over a black T-shirt with navy pants

Neem London

Being a tailored garment, there is naturally a degree of expertise required to make a well-proportioned shacket. Therefore styles from the likes of Savile Row brands or those with tailoring pedigree can be relied upon for a perfect fit, and excellence in the stitching throughout the garment.

Attention to detail

Close up of a grey patch pocket flannel overshirt buttoned up to the top

Neem London

Cheaper shackets may appear for all intents and purposes like their more expensive luxury counterparts, but look more closely and you’ll sniff out differences.

High-quality buttons, elegant stitching patterns, reinforced pockets, luxurious linings and thoughtfully designed closures are all elements that you should expect to see on high-end versions.

The best luxury shacket brands for men

Neem London

Man wearing white pants and a blue flannel shacket

Depending on the brand’s references, shackets can look like rugged, dusty workwear or an alternative to tailored blazers and field jackets. Neem London falls very much into the latter camp, its shackets crafted from premium recycled fabrics and cut to work with smart shirts and tailored trousers as well as more casual items.

The British label’s overshirts come in impressively soft materials, from brushed Italian flannel to soft New Zealand merino wool.

A Day’s March

Man wearing a mustard corduroy shacket over a beige crew neck sweater tucked into navy pants

A Day’s March is a Swedish menswear brand that embodies understated luxury. Founded in 2014, the label’s overshirts are a testament to its utilitarian ethos, combining quality craftsmanship with clean lines and durable materials.

You can expect a huge range of styles, from classic military-inspired designs to more contemporary interpretations, all characterized by impeccable tailoring and Scandinavian minimalism.

Oliver Spencer

Man wearing a brown/burnt orange corduroy overshirt over a white T-shirt tucked into black tailored pants

Oliver Spencer, a quintessentially British brand established in 2002, is renowned for its relaxed elegance and commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Spencer’s shackets and overshirts always use premium fabrics such as virgin wool and organic cotton. From herringbone weaves to corduroy and heavyweight flannel, they epitomize that modern sense of British sophistication.


Man wearing a cotton shacket over a black top and raw denim jeans

Founded in 2006, Albam boasts a reputation for creating utilitarian menswear with meticulous attention to quality and craftsmanship.

The brand’s shackets are hewn from durable natural fibers like cotton canvas and come in classic workwear silhouettes such as chore jackets and field jackets, making them ideal for teaming with hardy raw denim and rugged leather boots.


Man wearing a folk check shacket over a grey shirt with stone chinos

Folk’s urban sensibility is the key reason why the London-based brand founded in 2001 has enjoyed cult status among the city’s workwear aficionados.

Its shackets are always a feature of the collections, constructed from premium fabrics. Folk offers a variety of overshirt styles, with its Assembly jacket being a perennial favorite (especially the indigo-dyed versions).

Universal Works

Man wearing a Universal Works mustard/brown checked shacket over a brown sweatshirt with brown wide-fit pants

Nottingham-based Universal Works, established in 2008, has long been synonymous with utilitarian luxury, hence the shacket and overshirt have been key silhouettes in all of its collections.

The brand always offers an excellent range of both cotton and wool overshirts, while its shacket styles come in a range of fabrics, including soft cotton flannel, moleskin and wool fleece.

Rag & Bone

Man wearing a brown suede shacket over a white T-shirt with black pants and sunglasses

New York-based Rag & Bone was founded in 2002 and is celebrated for its relaxed urban aesthetic. Its overshirts offer a distinctive blend of fashion and utility, incorporating premium fabrics that are full of character and texture.

Its Jack shirt is a particular highlight, rendered in tactile cloths such as wool, brushed cotton twill and moleskin.


Two men playing chess wearing heavyweight Woolrich shackets in check and brown cord

Woolrich was established in 1830 in the United States, making it one of the oldest outerwear brands still operating today. That longevity has been a token of its commitment to quality with regards to fabric and construction, as evidenced by its excellent shacket collection.

The aesthetic is deeply rooted in Americana, so expect plenty of Buffalo checks in warm wool and brushed cotton flannels.

Stone Island

Two men wearing beige and green Stone Island shackets with matching colored pants

No other brand has done more in the world of fabric innovation than Italian label Stone Island. Founded in 1982, it has pushed the envelope for technical fabrics, often incorporating unique dyeing and treatment techniques.

Its shackets, not surprisingly, sit at the intersection of material technology and style, so expect plenty of cutting-edge aesthetics and super lightweight silhouettes.


Close up of a man wearing light grey corduroy shacket over a white T-shirt

If you love your Scandi minimalism, then Forét, a Danish label established in 2014, has probably been on your most-wanted list for a while.

Its luxury overshirts and shackets reflect the brand’s commitment to ethical production and eco-friendly materials, and are characterized by clean lines, muted earthy tones and a focus on comfort.

Artknit Studios

Man wearing a dark green knitted shacket with black pants by Artknit Studios

Established in 2017, Artknit Studios has already garnered a cult following thanks to its beautifully minimalist wool creations.

Among those is a stunning array of merino wool shackets, designed to be worn almost like a lightweight cardigan. Timeless elegance, the Italian way.

Portuguese Flannel

Close up of a selection of Portuguese Flannel shackets in check patterns and corduroy

Portuguese Flannel specializes in… drum roll… yes, Portuguese flannel, so you can only imagine the extent of its super-soft brushed cotton flannel overshirts.

With a vast array of plain and plaid styles to choose from, these shackets provide a luxurious dose of warmth and sophistication, perfect for the fall and winter months.


Man wearing a Hartford dark green flannel shacket with olive green pants

The French/US brand Hartford was founded in 1979 in the United States and has since exuded a relaxed timeless charm throughout its menswear collections.

The shacket is a key part of its seasonal outerwear lines, with the Perry shirt jacket being a fan favorite. There’s also a nice quilted overshirt, alongside a host of flannel options, to consider this season.


Man wearing a grey wool shacket with khaki pants

Boasting one of the more eclectic overshirt collections we’ve seen is NN07, a Danish label established in 2007.

With a firm focus on elevated classics, the brand celebrates individuality by serving up Scandinavian minimalism with high-quality materials. This season sees a tonne of overshirt silhouettes in fabrics as diverse as merino wool, cotton flannel, denim, boiled wool and corduroy.

God’s True Cashmere

Man wearing a God's True Cashmere blue and green check shacket over a white T-shirt with raw denim jeans

If you really want to be a baller then there is a very clear path to take: invest in the overshirts of Italian label God’s True Cashmere.

These shackets are constructed from the finest Italian cashmere fibers, offering unmatched softness and warmth, as well as hand-crafted gemstone snaps for buttons (yes, you read that right).

Offering a host of vibrant plaid designs, these really are unique investment pieces for those with the capital to splash out.


Man wearing a Burberry corduroy check shacket over a black turtleneck with brown pants

Now in the hands of Daniel Lee, British heritage brand Burberry has set sail on a new course, intricately weaving its history with a sharp contemporary aesthetic.

Lee’s first collection featured a number of overshirt silhouettes constructed from exceptional wool fabrics incorporating the house check. One key piece from the runway was a cotton gabardine shacket with military-style epaulets.

Expect more contemporary shacket shapes as Lee’s tenure rolls on.


Man wearing a green sweatshirt, grey/black checked wool shacket, off white pants and Chelsea boots

The Milanese outfit Altea thinks of itself, first and foremost, as a textile brand, and you only need to quickly peruse its collection at MR PORTER to understand why.

The shirt-jackets and overshirts are immaculately crafted in cashmere, stretch wool, garment-dyed corduroy and linen, showcasing the best of Italian craftsmanship from the Umbria and Marche regions.


APC advertisement with man wearing bold blue shacket

French luxury label A.P.C. has long been a go-to for elevated workwear silhouettes with a Parisian minimalist twist and continues to this day to be one of our favorite shacket and overshirt makers.

Simple yet refined designs are its trademark, with its loose-fit Basile overshirt in recycled wool being the standout option this season.

Acne Studios

Man wearing black pants, bright pink top and black cotton shacket by Acne Studios

Swedish label Acne Studios has been operating at the edgy end of high fashion ever since 1996 and is still celebrated for its innovative designs and modern aesthetics.

Shirting is a large part of their collection, hence overshirts and shirt-jackets are ever-present. With oversized silhouettes and boxy shapes, Acne Studios is always experimenting with fabrications, producing a number of cotton-blend overshirts this season as well as a double-faced wool style that’s perfect for colder days.

Brunello Cucinelli

Man wearing white striped drawstring pants, knitted off-white polo shirt and light brown shacket by Brunello Cucinelli

Italian maestro and icon of quiet luxury, Brunello Cucinelli is revered for its exemplary use of fine fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool.

This season, the designer has produced a stunning padded four-pocket overshirt crafted from the softest cotton flannel. It’s filled with Thermore® and features a water-resistant nylon lining, making it adept as an outer layer when the weather starts to turn.

Loro Piana

Man wearing Loro Piana camel wool shacket over a fine gauge navy turtleneck

Renowned for its exceptional cashmere and fine textiles, Loro Piana is the bar-setter when it comes to luxury fabrications (it helps that the house is one of the most revered fine fabric producers in the world).

Loro Piana shackets are the pinnacle of luxury and come with a price tag to prove it. This season’s overshirts are out of this world and include a two-pocket style cut from WindWish™, Loro Piana’s exclusive combination of Wind microfibre and knitted Wish® wool, and treated with Storm System® for waterproof, wind-resistant protection.

The same style has also been crafted in buttery-soft kidskin suede treated with a water-repellent finish. Sublime.


Man wearing light wash jeans, light blue shirt and heavyweight green cord shacket by Barena

Barena, a Venice-based label founded in 1961, draws inspiration from tradition and Italian craftsmanship to offer a modern take on utilitarian workwear and tailoring. Hence, it boasts an eclectic range of shackets and overshirts crafted from an array of high-quality fabrics, and at decent prices too.

The casually elegant Cedrone Novento overshirt comes crafted from an antiwrinkle stretch wool gabardine for a really tactile handle, but it also produces stretch cotton and textured flannel versions, too.