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15 American Brands Still Making Hoodies In The USA

We explore the world of American-made hoodies, highlighting the quality, craftsmanship and style that sets them apart from mass-produced versions.

Words by: Beau Hayhoe

Sometimes, as you build out your menswear wardrobe, it’s best to go straight to the source. For blue jeans, that might mean shopping American-made denim, and for boots, searching for a brand that’s been hand-making leather footwear for over a century. For the humble, hardworking hoodie, that could just mean starting your search in the United States.

The best made in the USA hoodies have plenty to say: The style seems distinctly American, what with its appearance in films like Rocky, its utility on the playing fields of the country, and its mix of durability, toughness and utility. And since the old ways are still sometimes the best, it seems that the current crop of USA-made hoodies goes the extra mile, often using thick and warm fabric and sturdy design details.

Yes, there’s more than meets the eye with hoodies made domestically, be that the guidelines they follow or the quality and heritage they represent. 

What does Made in the USA mean?

American Giant

American Giant

There are a few regulations guiding made in the USA hoodies. Specifically, “all” or “virtually all” of the product must be domestically produced and manufactured. The top companies in the game go a step further, often sourcing domestic materials – in the case of hooded sweatshirts, that could mean metal for rivets, or cotton or fleece for the sweatshirt itself.

To earn that coveted ‘Made in the USA’ label, an extra level of transparency is required – consumers who value their hard-earned cash and time should look for companies that offer insight into how and where its products are made. Luckily, plenty of American brands making rugged hoodies follow these guidelines closely.

When in doubt, reach for a name you trust – a brand that’s transparent about its manufacturing, a brand that takes you through the process, and a brand you can feel good about wearing.

What makes a Made in the USA hoodie so great

American Giant

American Giant

The process of making anything in the United States, especially a garment designed to stand up to wear and tear, is often rigorous and requires more steps than those that are mass-produced in other (often Third World) countries.

Your wardrobe, however, will earn plenty of dividends as a result. These are the type of pieces you can depend on, and will only get better with age. USA-made hoodies are more expensive, sure, but they’re also more durable and well-built for it. You’ll find Made in America hoodies are dependable and strong, often cut in thick, not flimsy, materials.

There’s also a reason brands both old and more recent are turning back to USA-made manufacturing: it offers an extra level of care and quality, and again, these are pieces you can feel great about wearing. Because a domestically made hoodie is made with a higher level of precision, it’s going to hold up to years of wear – and that’s as good a reason as any to invest in some of the brands below.

The best Made in the USA hoodies brands

1620 USA

The right hooded sweatshirt can go just about anywhere these days – whether you team it with indigo blue jeans and moc toe boots for effortless weekend style, or with tapered joggers for a training session.

Because it’s able to adapt to a wide range of occasions, you’d better find a hoodie that can do it all. Enter 1620 USA, a brand that offers a ‘Guaranteed For Life’ assurance.

Cordura fabric lends a degree of toughness to this sturdy hoodie, which is built for work and even boasts a hard hat-compatible hood, plus reinforced elbows and cuffs.

American Trench

American Trench built its brand on perfecting the classic trench coat, and it did so with an emphasis on, fittingly enough, American materials and manufacmturing.

The brand has since expanded into a wide variety of menswear for the modern man, from casual picks like this reliable Every Day Hoodie, to a full range of Made in the USA T-shirts and knitwear.

All of the proper features you need in a great hoodie are present, including a large and functional hood; soft, supple French Terry fabric; and a strong focus on domestic production.

This one is cut and sewn in Los Angeles, which has become a key indictator of excellent apparel these days.


Not every brand needs to offer dozens upon dozens of styles to find its way into your wardrobe. Sometimes, a company just needs to focus on the basics – the classics – and do those as well as any on the market.

Since its founding in 1983, that’s been the Goodwear mission: simple, quality basics, from hoodies to Henleys, made the right way.

The brand offer distinctive pieces like a pocket hoodie, as well as straightforward French Terry hoodies and even a thermal hoodie, all done in bright colors that only get better and cooler with age.

Plus, they’re priced below $70, and that’s a downright steal.

American Giant

From hoodies and Henleys to denim and work pants, American Giant’s reach seems to grow more impressive by the season. The company is deeply committed to American-made manufacturing, working with suppliers and factories across the country.

The result of that commitment? It’s the stuff of legend. Take its Classic Full Zip Hoodie, for example, which comes with a long-running warranty and a design that oozes quality.

The hardware is strong, the fabrics soft yet durable, and the aesthetics timeless. This is the type of hoodie that will be in your rotation for years.


Not every hoodie needs to be a super-thick, work site-ready option (although it’s always nice to have multiple types in your rotation). For those who want a stylish, Made in the USA hoodie done in a more streamlined manner, reach for a merino wool hoodie from Duckworth.

These hoodies reflect the Montana roots of the company – they’re lightweight enough to wear on the trail, warm enough to wear around the bonfire, and stylish enough to feel good about wearing one as you travel.

There’s one option available with a kangaroo pocket, and others available with helpful raglan sleeves for ease of movement.

Harvest & Mill

Scouring the market for your new go-to hoodie can be a fun journey of sorts, if you know where to look. And if you want to go right to the source and wear one of the more transparent brands out there, Harvest & Mill has the insight you seek.

Its hoodies are grown, cut and sewn in the United States, but that’s not all. The company focus on low-carbon supply chains in addition to that process, along with organic, non-toxic and vegan materials.

It’s a next-level approach that means you can invest without the environmental guilt, and look good doing so.

Save Khaki United

There are some style essentials that just seem distinctly American, like the chino or white T-shirt – or better still, the simple and subtle hooded sweatshirt. Luckily for style aficionados everywhere, Save Khaki does a standout job in each of those categories, and then some.

Its lightweight Supima cotton pullover hoodie boasts material grown in America, where it’s also cut and sewn for a sturdy, domestically-made process (note that the yarn is imported, however).

The only thing that’s missing from this look is a pair of Save Khaki chinos.


When the going gets tough and you need gritty gear to take on a blustery day or a frigid morning in the shop, you can’t simply back down – Origin knows this, which is why its apparel is designed with an extra dash of toughness and utility.

The ringspun cotton is lightweight yet tough, and the 100 Kilo Full Zip hoodie has an even better story behind it: named because the company bought “100,000 pounds of American grown cotton” to make them.

Talk about a commitment to domestic production.

Flint and Tinder

From the hallowed pages of do-it-all retailer Huckberry comes the Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie, a style that’s proven incredibly popular.

It joins the equally impressive and impossibly cool Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket, both of which seem to sell quickly every year. And for good reason: the hoodie is quite literally guaranteed for 10 years, and it’s made with the right materials, the right way.

South Carolina fleece, tough zippers from Georgia and a cut-and-sew process in Los Angeles only bolster that guarantee even further.

Los Angeles Apparel

The hoodie is a prized essential for a reason, namely for its ability to act as either a functional work layer, or a training must-have, or as a casually laidback pick for weekend lounging.

When you’re in search of a hoodie that gets all of those things done, at a nice price, without too many frills… that’s where Los Angeles Apparel is going to fill the void in your wardrobe.

The brand offer a wide range of cool, stylish colourways, plus it provides specific insight into the material of each hoodie (be it a fleece blend or a heavyweight 14oz. cotton).

Plus, you’ll find zip and popover options in plenty of sizes and for a sub-$75 price tag.


Some hoodies are fit for work, some for play and some rest somewhere in the middle. If you can find one made in America for a reasonable price, that’s all the better.

Right in this sweet spot rests Boathouse, which makes moisture-wicking, streamlined workout hoodies – the kind that would come in handy on or off the water, either during a beach vacation or an early morning run.

The brand frequently taps into a red-white-and-blue colour scheme, never a bad touch for a USA-made hoodie, while its designs retail for under $100.

Love of Country

Some retailers merely make clothing in the United States, and others embody that mission to a T, going above and beyond.

With military family roots, Love of Country talks the talk and walks the walk, boasting eye-catching, patriotic graphics on its cotton-blend hoodies. The double-layer design ensures extra warmth when wearing the hood itself, and custom inks for the graphics on each should prove long-lasting, with a soft handfeel.

Farm Fresh Clothing Co.

If it’s the breezy vibes of California you seek when it comes to your hooded sweatshirt, Farm Fresh Clothing Co. takes an expert approach.

The brand produce the kind of organic cotton hoodie that would serve you especially well around a bonfire or after a surfing session, available in an easy-to-layer fit with soft 8.5oz. fleece and 100% ringspun cotton.

Classic colour options deliver versatile style, and contrasting white drawstrings are a nice detail, too.

All American Clothing Co.

Value and quality work as one with All American Clothing Co.’s well-stocked array of menswear, from affordable T-shirts in a plethora of colours to its organic full-zip hoodies and classic pullover option.

For good measure, the brand also delivers some vibrant printed hoodie options, along with a lightweight microfiber jersey design that’s perfectly suited for travel or casual weekend errands.

And if you want a patriotic graphic that fits right in with the entire made-in-America focus of the company, you’ll certainly find it here.


When it comes down to it, shopping for gear made in the United States is about the quality of the final product as much as it is about the people.

Devium realises this, and is fiercely committed to quality, sustainability and a fair working experience for its employees throughout the process of designing its hardwearing hoodies.

Both plain and logo French Terry hoodies are available, and they come in small batches (to cut down on waste) in vibrant, eye-catching colours.