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How To Wear A Turtleneck With A Blazer: 16 Sophisticated Looks For 2024

The turtleneck is the perfect alternative to a stuffy shirt and tie, particularly when worn with separates. Here's how to get the look right in 2024.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

The turtleneck jumper has emerged as a formidable contender to the hegemony of the shirt and tie, quietly and confidently displacing the traditional duo as suits and separates have become more relaxed and not confined to the office.

The turtleneck has become a symbol of sartorial innovation, rewriting the rules of formal and semi-formal attire. Rather than complement the sharp lines of a well-fitted blazer with the equally pressed shirt and meticulously knotted tie, the addition of the soft, sleek, textural turtleneck completely rewires the attitude of tailoring, challenging the conventions of the past.

The turtleneck’s ascendancy is not merely a stylistic choice; it’s a testament to its versatility. This age-old staple has transcended its cozy, winter-only reputation to become a year-round wardrobe essential.

Whether you’re navigating a boardroom meeting, attending a gallery opening or relishing a candlelit dinner, the turtleneck and blazer duo has proven itself as an ensemble that adapts to any occasion.

We’ll show you the art of mastering this modern classic, from fabric choices and layering techniques to the intricate dance of colours and textures.

When to wear a blazer with a turtleneck

Man wearing check pants, black turtleneck, velvet burgundy blazer and black patent Oxford shoes sitting on green leather sofa

Thom Sweeney

Mastering the art of pairing a turtleneck jumper with a blazer isn’t as difficult as you might think, but as with any sartorial craft, you need to deploy in the right scenarios to get your money’s worth.

The most obvious place is at the office, where you can really elevate your business-casual game when everyone else is donning anodyne suits. The look exudes professionalism with a contemporary edge.

Eveningwear is another great genre for this combo. It’s an excellent choice for upscale dinners, theatre outings or cocktails with friends. The turtleneck adds a touch of refinement to more elevated blazers in velvet or silk.

The pairing also fits right in with off-duty occasions too, since it’s relaxed enough to feel comfortable yet sharp enough to stand out. Soft tones such as cream and tan, as well as textured wools, will take the formal edge off the tailoring. Versatile, elegant and effortlessly cool, it’s a combination that suits the modern man in a host of settings.

The types of blazers to wear with a turtleneck

Man wearing white pants, grey turtleneck and light grey check blazer

Pini Parma

The versatility of the turtleneck means that it will pair with just about any blazer style there is provided that you style it well. A classic navy jacket in a wool or textured wool is a timeless choice for a business-like ensemble, while the grey flannel blazer offers a soft, more tactile alternative for both the office and off-duty looks.

The subtle shades of light grey through charcoal complement a wide range of turtleneck colours. Earthy tones are also a great option to wear with neutral trousers such as white and cream. Think a brown dogstooth blazer or a tobacco linen style for a really sophisticated aesthetic.

Patterned blazers are a really good idea, especially when restricting yourself to muted tones elsewhere in the look. A plaid or herringbone pattern can really bring the look to life. Single-breasted or double-breasted jackets work just as well, too.

The types of turtlenecks that work with blazers

Thom Sweeney

Given that you’re going to be wearing the turtleneck over a tee and under a blazer, you don’t want any unnecessary bulk. Therefore, opt for really fine-gauge knits that are fitted to your torso.

Merino wool is a fantastic choice as it’s lightweight, breathable and has a luxurious feel, while cashmere styles offer warmth without bulk, along with a stunning textured effect.

In milder climates, a lightweight stretch cotton turtleneck can be a good option but it can quickly lose its shape so be mindful of that. Ribbed knit turtlenecks add depth and visual interest, but ensure that the rib is fine and not bulky.

Any patterns such as cable knits will likely be too chunky to fit comfortably under a blazer.

16 stylish turtleneck and blazer outfits

Black turtleneck with a knitted blazer

Men's grey dress pants, charcoal turtleneck, light grey knitted blazer and brown leather shoes outfit

Thom Sweeney

Black and grey is a colour combination that always looks sophisticated, but we love the soft textures involved here.

The knitted blazer brings the formality down a notch, while the turtleneck and charcoal grey pants bring even more wool textures into the fray.

Monochromatic simplicity, with just a touch of colour in the leather boots to sharpen the edges.

Black turtleneck with a light grey blazer

Men's black pants, black turtleneck, light grey blazer and black leather Derby shoes outfit

Ted Baker

The epitome of sophistication, what could be simpler than opting for an all-black look then simply adding a grey blazer over the top?

Proof that you don’t need an explosion of colours to make a significant impact.

Charcoal grey turtleneck with a charcoal check blazer

Men's charcoal flannel pants, charcoal turtleneck, charcoal check blazer and brown suede Derby shoes outfit


You always want some degree of separation in your tailored separates, even when your ensemble is a variety of similar tones, and that’s exactly what the blazer offers here.

The grey turtleneck and black pants pair perfectly, but it’s the subtle plaid of the jacket that creates contrast.

The cut is well-fitted too, as are the trousers, making for a svelte and slimming silhouette.

Beige turtleneck with a grey check blazer

Men's charcoal trousers, camel turtleneck, light grey check blazer and black leather monk-strap shoes separates outfit

Brooks Brothers

Tonal looks are smart but when you want to inject a bit of colour into your separates, the turtleneck is the perfect device to do so.

When the blazer is buttoned up, you just see a bold glimpse of colour, which is all you need to elevate the look.

The beige style is an elegant foil for the Prince of Wales check, lifting the overall tone considerably.

Black turtleneck with a grey check blazer

Men's white pants, black turtleneck, grey check blazer and black espadrilles outfit

Ralph Lauren

In any separates look, you ultimately have four things to choose: blazer, jumper, pants and shoes.

If two or three of those combine from a tonal point of view then you can afford to use the remaining garment to create contrast, which is exactly what the white pants do here.

Cream turtleneck with a burgundy velvet blazer

Men's black trousers, burgundy velvet blazer and white roll neck outfit


The turtleneck’s reach has even infiltrated men’s eveningwear as this outfit perfectly demonstrates. Again, it’s all about the combination of textures and contrasting tones that makes this look so strong.

The shock of cream against the deep burgundy pile of velvet is nicely balanced by the black pants and loafers.

Black turtleneck with a Glen check blazer

Men's slim fit black jeans, black turtleneck and tweed blazer outfit


If you’re ever in doubt as to what to wear when it comes to smart separates, simply opt for a pair of black pants and a black turtleneck, then layer over a contrast blazer.

For added style points, make the blazer a Glen check with a black or dark weave running through it, then bookend the look with some brown suede shoes to add that little extra injection of contrast to the fit.

Sky blue turtleneck oversized navy double-breasted blazer

Men's navy pants, sky blue turtleneck, oversized navy double-breasted blazer and black leather Belgian loafers outfit


There’s an elegant sartorial mix going on here. The tapered navy suit trousers anchor the look with a touch of modern professionalism, but that is counterbalanced by the sky blue turtleneck and oversized navy double-breasted blazer, which turns what would ordinarily by a quite muted look into something altogether more exciting.

Cream turtleneck with a grey flannel blazer

Men's charcoal trousers, white roll neck, light grey blazer and white sneakers outfit

Hugo Boss

We big fans of flannel suits and separates because they bring such a tactile, textured element into smart looks.

While the grey flannel suit is timeless, mixing up the jacket with a cream turtleneck, black tapered pants and sneakers completely repurposes the flannel as something much more relaxed and contemporary.

Charcoal grey turtleneck with a tobacco linen blazer

Men's cream pants, grey turtleneck sweater, tobacco blazer and brown leather tassel loafers outfit

Pini Parma

Other than the fact that this guy is a ringer for Sting, what we love about this look is the simple elegance derived from the casual interplay of colours.

Naturally, the tobacco linen blazer is the centrepiece, so give it a bright canvas with a pair of white pants and don’t pick any other colours that are going to compete with it, hence the subtle charcoal grey turtleneck.

Men's beige chinos, navy turtleneck, grey check blazer and taupe suede loafers outfits


As per the last look, the check blazer in this ensemble does all the talking, so the beige pants provide the contrast and the midnight navy turtleneck brings the light and dark together.

Opting for a brightly coloured turtleneck would overpower the blazer and confuse the fit.

White turtleneck with a blue Prince of Wales check blazer

Men's navy trousers, white roll neck, mid blue checked blazer and black loafers outfit

Pini Parma

In this instance, the peep of the white turtleneck and the sliver of matching pocket square combine to create a really effective contrast against the blue Prince of Wales blazer.

The navy tailored trousers are a natural complement to the blue of the blazer, while the deep burgundy loafers add just a hint of additional colour to balance out the blues.

Black turtleneck with a beige flannel blazer

Men's black trousers, black roll neck, camel double breasted blazer and brown monk strap shoes outfit


Texture. Texture. Texture. When you’ve got a double-breasted blazer as tactile as this one, you don’t want to be challenging its dominance.

Opt for either black or white separates and give the jacket all the space it needs.

Mock turtleneck with a dogtooth blazer

Men's trousers, blazer and roll neck outfit with chelsea boots


Everything about this silhouette is stunning. Super sleek without being overly fitted, it all makes for a really masculine look.

But the really nice touch is the mock turtleneck (i.e it doesn’t feature a roll) which reduces the bulk of fabric at the neck to help accentuate the slim shape.

Men's stonewash jeans, navy turtleneck, brown wool blazer and brown suede Chelsea boots outfit

Brunello Cucinelli

A navy turtleneck and classic denim jeans is a great combination for the base elements of a look, and you can take that pairing in a multitude of directions.

In this case, it’s a brown tweed blazer, which adds a really effective layer of texture and tone, complemented by the brown suede Chelsea boots.

Cream turtleneck with a textured wool blazer

Men's cream pleated trousers, cream turtleneck, brown blazer and chelsea boots outfit


This is a super-chic look, bristling with quiet luxury. The cream base created by the turtleneck and cotton chinos is the perfect platform to daub on some texture, which is provided here by the stunning blazer, woven belt and tan suede Chelsea boots.

Refined, elegant and looks hella expensive. What more do you want?