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16 Affordable Streetwear Brands For Men On A Budget

Want big fits without the big price tags? These affordable streetwear labels will hook you up.

With its standout fits and status labels, streetwear is the fashion movement that made casualwear king. Elevating sportswear from the streets to the runway, it has come to be the dominant force in 21st century menswear. But even if streetwear has gone capital-F fashion, with designer luxury labels muscling in on the aesthetic, there are still plenty of excellent designers keeping it real.

The best budget streetwear brands are the ones that do just that. Producing statement pieces without a stratospheric price tag, they’re born of urban communities and subcultures like hip-hop and skateboarding, grounded by anti-establishment mindsets.

Hoodies, oversized tees, loose-fit pants and shorts, not to mention caps and sneakers, the streetwear look is defined by simple garments designed with attitude. Arguably, these clothes should never be expensive. They reflect pop culture. They’re of the people. Their big logos and graphic prints bring in elements of street art, music, film, animation and more.

And because streetwear is defined by looser fits, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between luxury streetwear and budget streetwear simply by how it’s tailored or how it looks in the mirror.

What to look for from budget streetwear brands

Man wearing affordable, loose Obey streetwear jeans and printed white and black shirt with Nike Dunk sneakers


To get the streetwear look for less, there are certain things you have to accept. If you want to stick to a budget, that means no ultra-rare sneakers or one-off collabs. While many of the most desirable labels are affordable, the rarest drops are usually snapped up quickly and change hands on reselling sites for eye-watering prices.

But while labels have, for many years, manufactured rarity in streetwear, you can also proudly display the most respected brands without missing rent. Graphic or logo T-shirts from the best streetwear brands will always look good, as will classic sneakers like the Air Force 1 or Adidas Superstars. The same goes for streetwear hoodies and other pieces.

Affordable Diamond Supply Co white/green hoodie worn with white pinstripe shorts

Diamond Supply Co

The other thing to consider is which corner of streetwear suits you best. It’s such a broad church now that some even argue the term is meaningless. In recent years, streetwear hasn’t been just about throwback sportswear, skate culture or hip-hop fashion. Elements of workwear are blended in. Preppy staples, too. Even the outdoors aesthetic has gone urban.

The good news is, whatever style you’re going for, you can cop the colours, the branding, the prints – the whole look – on a budget if you know where to get it.

The best affordable streetwear brands in 2024


Often (and fairly) referred to as one of the founding father brands of streetwear, Stussy was established in 1984 by surfing pro Shawn Stussy. Its iconic logo, influenced by graffiti art and splashed all over the label’s clothing, pioneered the way big branding could turn each customer into a walking billboard and hype-generator for designers.

The iconic streetwear T-shirts and hoodies are a must but also check out Stussy’s colourful patterned cardigans, vests and skater pants.


It’s not the cheapest streetwear label on our list, but Huf is accessibly priced and as authentic as they come. The baby of skateboarder Keith Hufnagel, the collection includes everything from staple tees and hoodies to baseball tops, rugby jerseys and bomber jackets.

Style-wise, it feels like pure streetwear from the 80s, with a mix of sport references, bold patterns and big fits.

Based in LA, the brand’s popularity has also led to interesting collabs with the likes of Marvel, but don’t expect super-cheap prices on those pieces.


Run DMC wearing Superstars, triple-stripe tracksuits, bucket hats and a lot of ice is one of the most iconic images in hip-hop fashion. It also cemented Adidas as a legitimate streetwear brand. More than 30 years later, the German giant is still doing it well, supplementing its performance clothing with streetwear-inflected lifestyle pieces.

Beyond the signature tracksuits and much-publicised Gucci collab, look at trefoil-branded T-shirts, joggers, sweatshirts and hoodies. One of the world’s biggest sports brands, but also one of the best budget streetwear labels.


This fast-growing British label started life printing T-shirts, but it’s grown into one of the best budget streetwear brands around.

Hype mixes staple sweats, hoodies and tees with louder statement pieces, like tie-dye shirts and floral-print tops, so all the bases are covered. Plus, where else are you going to get a bright red KFC-branded bomber jacket?

The Hundreds

Founded in LA in 2003, The Hundreds is a rare budget streetwear brand with impeccable credentials, authentic heritage, original designs and seemingly no interest in raising its prices like many others have. T-shirts come in comfortably under $50/£50. The hoodies well under $100/£100.

The aesthetic is classic streetwear: bold colours, playful prints and graphics, big logos and lots of them. If you want a streetwear T-shirt, The Hundreds’s vast collection is the place to start the hunt.


Founded by street artist and activist Shepard Fairey, Obey is a streetwear label with something to say. With designs that often incorporate Fairey’s political ideals, it’s a brand that goes beyond the usual playful slogans and artworks into full-blown sarcasm and satire – as fashion.

In terms of style, Obey came from skatewear and punk rock roots, with elements of workwear and military clothing thrown in too.


Arguably the brand that made sneaker culture what it is today, Nike pioneered the way sports shoes were designed for and marketed at the general public. Its Air Jordan line, plus classic designs like the Air Force 1, made their debuts in the 80s and they’re still must-have models in 2024.

Nike’s clothing has not been quite as successful at infiltrating streetwear wardrobes, but look at its basketball shorts, football shirts and outdoors-inspired ACG line for strong examples that buck the trend.


The lines between streetwear and traditional workwear have been blurry for years, with things like Timberland’s much-loved 6″ work boots making their way from work site to sidewalk.

Carhartt is another brand that has pushed this combo, with worker pants, chore jackets and flannel shirts all finding their way into regular urban wardrobes.

The label, more than 100 years old and renowned for its durability, also has its Work In Progress line, a lifestyle sub-brand that features bolder designs and hews closer to the traditional streetwear aesthetic.


The brand that basically invented the sweatshirt is naturally well-loved among streetwear fans. Its athletic gear is iconic, the branding steeped in history.

While the heavyweight hoodies and sweats are the main draw with Champion, it’s also worth checking out its tees and accessories.

For a budget streetwear brand, it also scores some interesting collabs, with everyone from the Beastie Boys Rick Owens lining up to create a collection.


Created by Nigerian-American designer Niyi Okuboyejo, Post-Imperial proudly explores the roots of its Lagos-born founder’s in its clothing.

In a sector traditionally dominated by US influences, the label’s collections feature prints and patterns that speak to the art and culture of the African continent.

Also made with African artisan creators, they’re designed for longevity with printed shirts, tees and swimwear among the collections.


Often described as a streetwear brand that marries eastern and western design codes, CLOT is a Hong Kong label and a prolific collaborator with other brands.

It’s the collabs that make it accessible, with prices lower when CLOT releases sneakers with Nike, tracksuits with Air Jordan or outerwear with Levi’s.

Bringing detailed embroidery and hand-drawn prints to streetwear staples, this is a distinctive brand in a sector that – shh, don’t tell anyone – can get a bit same-y.

Crooks & Castles

Mixing street culture and luxury aesthetics, Crooks & Castles describes itself as “born from the streets and ready for the crown”. Launched in LA in 2002, the label reflects its founder’s youth in the city’s tumultuous period between the 80s and 90s.

Hip-hop references are everywhere in its collections and it has a regular collab with Death Row Records, the music label founded by Dr Dre and owned by Snoop Dogg.

Printed tees, shirts and sweats line up with intricately patterned tracksuits, as well as other LA staples like basketball shorts and bucket hats.

Given the label’s heritage, its prices are among the lowest on this list: genuinely one of the best budget streetwear brands in the world.

The North Face

One of the heritage outdoor brands that has become popular with urban-dwellers in recent years, The North Face was founded in 1966 and is renowned by mountaineers and adventurers as well as those of us with a coffee shop loyalty card.

Its outerwear is usually the main draw for streetwear fans with retro jackets and fleeces decked out in wavy patterns and bold colours. There’s also a never-ending line of interesting collabs, with artists and streetwear brands like Brain Dead, Kaws, Alfie Kungu amongst the recent crop.

Wasted Heroes

Music is a massive part of streetwear culture, but it’s more commonly associated with hip-hop and punk. Wasted Heroes brings another subculture into the fold, with collections inspired by the electronic music scene.

Founded in Liverpool, the label references UK rave culture and clubbing with a mix of bold graphic tees, hoodies, headwear and more. Think big smiley faces, slogans that talk up acid house and bucket hats aplenty.

Diamond Supply Co

What began as a small skate label run from a one-bed apartment in San Francisco has grown into one of the most recognisable budget streetwear brands in the world.

Diamond Supply Co’s take on streetwear includes clean logos and illustrative graphics, with lots of block-colour sweats in the mix, too.

Collabs span everyone from Nike (catch a pair of Diamond-designed Dunks if you can) to beer brand Modelo.


Tongue-in-cheek and cartoonish, NYC label Market takes a playful approach to streetwear. With lots of animation-style graphics, mischievous smiley faces and knowing slogans, its tees and sweats are fun and youthful.

Like a growing number of streetwear brands, Market also does an interesting line of homeware and other accessories (smiley face pillows anyone?), and the collabs are interesting too: who wouldn’t want a jacket emblazoned with animation from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine?

Why are streetwear brands expensive?

A man wearing a red Supreme backpack worn with a Supreme x Louis Vuitton shirt

Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Streetwear has always been about status, even before it was co-opted by luxury brands. The big logos of Supreme, Stussy and other streetwear brands became badges of honour towards the end of the 20th century, especially for people in urban subcultures like skateboarding and hip-hop. Casual dress suddenly had value.

Drop culture followed, with streetwear fans willing to pay more for limited-edition sneakers and T-shirts. And as sportswear and casual dress increasingly became the norm, especially for men, the luxury sector began to take note.

By the 2010s, collabs between streetwear brands and traditional luxury labels were becoming more common. Then brands like Off-White blurred the lines completely between streetwear and luxury. Off-White’s founder, the late Virgil Abloh, was even tapped to become artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, starting a trend for streetwear designers to take up roles at historic fashion houses.

That’s essentially why you can now spend as much on a streetwear hoodie as you can on a three-piece suit. But of course, it doesn’t have to be that way – as our list of the best budget streetwear brands proves.