Ede & Ravenscroft’s Spot-on Spring Separates

It is eternally said that spring is by far the most difficult season to dress for; all at once damp, humid, warm, cold, breezy and showery. Not ideal conditions for maintaining a perfectly pressed and coiffured sartorial swagger round town. Likewise, the period of time where the spring weather is moderately bearable is often only a couple of intermittent months long – if that – so it must be said that many retailers and customers alike seldom invest the time or effort in their spring collections and wardrobes.

I have always maintained that this is a shame – for Spring is also an extremely exciting time for snappy dressers. The weather with all its challenges presents the opportunity to put a seasonal wardrobe together that is ready to meet all the elements that the weather has to throw at one. Colourful fine-gauge knits, lightweight and mid-weight spring suiting and blazers, soft cotton trousers, relaxed, debonair throw-on raincoats and lightly structured penny loafers can make their appearance for the first time in months. Its a time of year which lovers of sartorial fashion should embrace and give attention to, so its really rather lovely to find one of Britain’s most traditional menswear brands has attacked it head-on with plenty of gusto and more than a touch of contemporary panache.

Ede & Ravenscroft’s new collection for spring is lovely; versatile, grounded in suitably lightweight and crisp seasonal tailoring, yet with a really handsome compliment of smart-casual and casual options to choose from, all of which presents a lovely blend of traditional and modern dressing. The company is pushing softly tailored, dapper ensembles of separates this season, giving its traditional British tailoring a welcome update and a very serious appeal for the modern man about town. Quirky bow-ties, slim trousers, rolled up hems and deck shoes are all very welcome things to see underpinning the core range of tailored pieces.

Jackets don’t have too much weight or structure for the slowly warming temperatures, but nonetheless maintain a classic English structured and waisted silhouette. The jacketing cloths used all have a lovely drape, handle and plenty of body, without feeling heavy or too warm. This has been achieved through the use of some linen-wool-silk and lightweight worsted wool cloths of excellent quality. Pieces to look out for in particular are a pair of stunning pure lightweight Italian linen blazers in a vibrant tomato red and a cornflower blue, as well as a soft mid-brown wool and silk blended blazer with a handsome taupe windowpane check.

The collection (as you will have gathered from these photographs) draws on the ever-attractive traditional spring colour palette beautifully, without needing to borrow from the richness or darkness of colour expected of a winter wardrobe, nor without keeping back some fun bright colour tones to bring-out in mid-summer. Hues of cool blue, as well as RAF blues and navies form the backbone of the collection, supported by elephant greys and taupes, as well as soft-washed coloured chinos and pops of brighter tones in ties, handkerchiefs and other accessories.

This is a very versatile, clever and easy to wear collection, with bags of understated style and fun little quirks – its delightful by all accounts. It is a further delight to see Ede & Ravenscroft designing something that has such a broad appeal – there is something for every man who enjoys his clothes, whether it be an elegant British suit, the ubiquitous complement of modern tailored separates and a dicky-bow, or just top-quality jazzy socks. I highly recommend you take a look.


All images courtesy of Ede & Ravenscroft.