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How To Wear Double Denim Without Looking Like A Fashion Victim

Wearing double denim is an advanced-level move that sets stylish men apart from the rest. Here's how to get it right every time.

Words by: Charlie Thomas

Double denim often gets a bad rap. On the face of it, it’s an easy look – given that it simply involves combining two garments both made from the famously durable fabric. But don’t pay attention to the details and things can quickly go south.

Unlike other go-to materials such as cotton and wool, denim (particularly dark, indigo denim) is often too bold when worn together and can make the wearer appear as though they’re trying hard. But when done well double denim can channel the kind of effortless American cool usually reserved for mid-century movie stars.

How to achieve the latter, then? From styling tips to go-to outfits, here’s everything you need to ensure you end up on the right side of stylish.

How to wear double denim tips

Garment type

Rugged Double denim outfit for men

Taylor Stitch

Which style of denim garment you choose and how you wear will result in dramatically different looks. But where things won’t change is down below. Unless you manage to find a pair of denim trousers or chinos (which we don’t advise), you’re going to be wearing jeans. That means the classic five-pocket design beloved by everyone from hipsters to suburban dads.

However, what you can do is mix up how your jeans fit. For something relaxed and laid back, a pair of regular- or wide-cut jeans offers both comfort and a more casual aesthetic, whereas slimmer cuts produce a streamlined, slightly dressier feel.

It’s up top where things get interesting as there are a few options available to you. There’s the jean jacket, a classic piece of Americana that looks as cool now as it did back in the gold rush era where it first originated. Featuring two chest pockets, front darts and a short, cropped fit, it’s perfect for transitional weather and adds a rugged edge to most outfits.

Then there’s denim shirts, which come in many shapes and sizes. Continuing the American theme, the western-style shirt boasts front and back yokes and twin buttoned chest pockets for an equally rugged feel. If you want something slightly smarter, try a denim work shirt, which features simple squared pockets and a slightly boxy fit.

Regardless of the garments you choose, the success of any double denim outfit often comes down to the colour (or washes) of the pieces you wear together.

Watch your wash

Todd Snyder

The reason double denim can be so difficult to get right is down to the fact that two garments cut from the same fabric can look a bit matchy-matchy. It doesn’t help that it comes with plenty of negative connotations, from Justin Timberlake and Britney taking double denim too literally in the early 2000s, to the tired trope of the ‘Canadian tuxedo’.

Yet things get a whole lot easier when you mix it up – i.e. when your top and bottom half are in completely different denim shades or washes. Consider, for example, a pair of black denim jeans with a raw denim chore jacket, or off-white jeans and a mid-wash denim shirt. These are looks that are surprisingly easy to wear, and quickly shun any notion that double denim has to be cringe-worthy and deeply uncool.

The denim itself


The final thing to consider is the denim itself. Known for being durable and hardwearing, it is the ultimate labourer’s fabric. It was originally designed to take a beating, intended for use in the gold mines on the American west coast at the turn of the 20th century. Levi’s logo even features two horses attempting (and failing) to pull a pair of jeans apart.

Traditionally then, denim is coarse and takes a while to break in. Raw denim, as it’s known, is the fabric as it was the day it left the mill: unwashed, freshly dyed and ready to be worn to death. It will take on its own unique character with repeated wear, so if you’re looking for a crisp pair of jeans that will fade and mould to your body with time, this is the kind of denim to go for.

Raw denim jackets and shirts offer the same appeal, but the fabric tends to feel stiff and uncomfortable (until broken in), so if you’re impatient or prioritise comfort it would be best to look elsewhere.

Washed denim is easy to spot. It’ll be lighter in tone than raw denim, varying from mid and dark blue all the way to pale blue and near white. Aside from skipping the often painful process of wearing in denim, the washed variety is far more comfortable straight off the bat. Soft yet still durable, washed denim is ideal for those who don’t care about making their jeans or shirt ‘their own’.

Even comfier still is stretch denim, which is blended with 1-2% elastane. While it may not have the authentic charm of raw denim, stretch denim is as comfortable as the fabric gets – put on a pair of stretch denim jeans and they’ll practically feel like sweatpants.

Double denim outfits for men

White trucker jacket

Men's double denim outfit - white trucker jacket and raw denim jeans


An unconventional but inspired choice, a white denim trucker jacket is a worthy wardrobe investment and one that combines excellently with raw denim jeans. An ideal spring or summer look, this take on double denim channels effortless Americana, especially when finished with canvas low tops and tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Mix in knitwear

Men's double denim outfit - blue jeans and shirt with white cardigan

Todd Snyder

Double denim doesn’t have to mean you only wear denim. It’s entirely possible to mix in some knitwear to break things up, as evidenced with this jeans, denim shirt and cardigan combination.

Knitwear in a contrasting shade provides a welcome visual distraction from what is otherwise a predominantly blue outfit.

Off-white jeans

Men's double denim outfit - off white jeans and dark blue shirt

Todd Snyder

A bold addition to your wardrobe, sure, but one that will likely get much more wear than you might first imagine. Off-white jeans aren’t as stark as pure white, and the softness of the shade wears perfectly with deep blues, making for an ideal alternative double denim outfit.

Try a work shirt tucked into a relaxed pair of jeans and finish with some minimal sneakers for an outfit that’s sharp and rugged at the same time.

Smart casual off-white

Smart Double denim outfit for men - off white jeans and blue denim cutaway shirt

Ralph Lauren

Double denim doesn’t have to be super relaxed; it’s possible to dress it up. Take this combo as a case in point: the off-white jeans are slimmer in cut, while the denim (or chambray) shirt is lighter in weight and features a smart cutaway collar, referencing classic tailored shirts.

The loafers and leather belt complete the outfit, which is as appropriate for a fancy dinner reservation as it is a creative office environment.

Tonal blues

Men's Double Denim Outfit - blue jeans and shirt with white T-shirt


As you might have guessed by now, we would always advise novices sticking to contrasting top and bottom shades with double denim. However, for an advanced level move, it can work with similar tones, as proven by this dark blue jeans and boxy shirt pairing.

The contrast of the white T-shirt and boots is what makes it, so if trying this for yourself consider using contrasting items like this to break up the wall of blue.

The open denim shirt

Double denim outfit for men - mid blue shirt worn open with dark wash jeans

Selected Homme

Wearing a shirt open can often look sloppy and ill thought out, but this is rarely the case when it comes to denim designs. A simple, mid-blue denim shirt worn unbuttoned over dark jeans is a classic look and one that will see you through the weekend in style.

Monochrome double denim

Monochrome double denim outfit for men - black jeans, grey jacket


Double denim doesn’t have to mean ‘blue’. Black and grey denim works especially well together if you’re looking for a bit of monochrome action. Try a black trucker jacket and a pair of washed grey jeans, and finish with black Chelsea boots and a black tee.

With a lightweight jacket

Spring/Summer double denim outfit for men - white jeans, light blue shirt


A lightweight jacket is perfect for softening a double denim look. For something spring ready, try a pair of white denim jeans, a light blue denim shirt and a light brown suede jacket, which complements the two both in texture and tonality.

Finish with matching blue suede sneakers and belt for an added yacht owner feel.

Denim chore jacket

Men's double denim outfit - chore jacket and white jeans


Chore jackets are often found in cotton twill, but go for one in denim and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. Mid-wash denim is arguably the most versatile – combine it with black jeans or a pair in off white to add a workwear edge to your double denim outfit.

Tonal top half

Men's tonal double denim outfit - light blue shirt and dark jeans

Buck Mason

One way to wear double denim is by eschewing contrast and opting for a tonal top half, like in the case of this light blue denim shirt and T-shirt combination. Finish the look with some darker denim down below and try either loafers or sneakers depending on how smart you want to go.

Classic double denim

Double Denim outfit for men - dark jeans and open shirt over white tee

Buck Mason

For an old school dose of preppy Americana, a double denim look consisting of a dark blue work shirt, white T-shirt and tapered raw jeans is hard to beat.

Finish the outfit with burgundy penny loafers for an extra dose of Ivy League cool, and wear it with confidence.

Western double denim

Men's double denim outfit - western shirt and mid wash jeans

Buck Mason

The western double yoke shirt is one of menswear’s finest. With a heritage to back up its classic design, it’s as easy to wear as it is versatile and can be layered up or down virtually all year round.

Try combining a raw denim version with pale wash jeans and canvas high-tops for a look that borrows from day’s gone by while remaining thoroughly contemporary.

With Chelsea boots

Double denim outfit for men - light wash jacket with black jeans and chelsea boots


It can be tricky to decide which shoes to wear with double denim. White sneakers are an obvious choice but for something smarter the water quickly gets muddied.

The ideal in-between shoe is arguably the Chelsea boot – it wears well with any colour jeans and adds a smart yet relaxed edge to trucker jackets, western shirts and tees.

White, grey & blue

Spring double denim outfit for men - white jeans and mid blue shirt


A classic colour combination, keep white, blue and pale grey in mind when looking to try double denim for yourself. Although more suited to the warmer months, a white pair of jeans combined with a heather grey T-shirt and mid-blue denim shirt is a surprisingly easy look to pull off.

Finish the outfit with minimal sneakers and you can’t really go wrong.

Black-on-black (denim)

Men's black jeans white T-shirt, black denim jacket and black sneakers outfit


Although we’ve been adamant that you need to mix up your washes from top to bottom, black denim is the exception to the rule. A pair of black jeans with a black denim jacket offers an easy way to pull off a slick all-black look, particularly if you use a stark white T-shirt to stop it becoming too sombre and funeral-like.

Notice too how the washes are subtlety different – the trucker jacket has a more worn-in feel, while the jeans are in pitch black, coated denim. It’s a small variation that makes all the difference.

Summer-ready double denim

Men's white trousers, Cuban collar short sleeve denim shirt and leather loafers outfit

Private White V.C.

Many would consider denim to be a cold-weather material. But they are wrong. Sure, you’re not going to be wearing 13oz raw denim in the height of summer, but this wonder cloth is available in all manner of weights and colours.

Here we see how you can adapt a double denim look for warmer weather. By opting for a chambray short-sleeved shirt and lightweight white jeans, you retain all the rugged, textural charm of denim without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

Black and blue denim

Men's black jeans, mid-blue denim western shirt and retro running shoes outfit

Rag & Bone

Want a foolproof way of pulling off double denim without feeling self conscious? Mix black with blue. Black jeans instantly create a contrast with any other colour they’re teamed with, such as this mid-blue western denim shirt.

Finish with a pair of black running shoes for a simple, everyday look that cements your fashion credentials.