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11 Luxury Pajama Brands That Will Have You Lounging In Style

Whether you’re lording it up at home in a silk robe or prefer to pad around the house in luxury pajamas, these sleepwear makers will help elevate your downtime.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

When the world was in lockdown and we were all working from home, loungewear naturally exploded. The need to dress up was nullified by digital meetings so comfort became the key component when thinking about what to wear for any given day. In turn, that led to a refocus on sleepwear, and in particular, pajamas.

If there was little need to get dressed in the morning, then why not just extend that period of wearing super-comfortable PJs well into the morning (okay then, late afternoon)?

Today, much of the sleepwear market for men is pitched at a luxury price point, perhaps because sleepwear is viewed as a non-essential genre of menswear. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of it, with specialist brands and fashion houses alike all producing sublimely comfortable attire in fine fabrics.

And why shouldn’t you luxuriate at home? If interior design comes at great expense, why not complement it with outstanding loungewear? The following brands have been handpicked for their dedication to crafting top-drawer sleepwear, from stunning silk robes to buttery-soft PJs. Rest easy, but rest well.


Man wearing premium Håndværk navy Henley pajama top with white bottoms

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Petra Brichnacova and Esteban Saba, Håndværk’s mission is to create a hardworking yet luxurious wardrobe of versatile, beautifully made pieces in the most sustainable way possible, with an unwavering commitment to a minimalist philosophy.

So far, they have succeeded with aplomb. The brand only uses Peruvian Pima cotton of the highest order, due to its extra-long fiber length giving it an incredibly soft, smooth feel, as well as being up to 45% stronger than ordinary cotton. They also use 100% traceable alpaca wool.

Håndværk produces both Henley and waffle pajama tops with matching jogger-style pants, perfect for the hardcore minimalists among you.

Derek Rose

Man lounging in eames chair in luxury printed navy/white pajamas and navy slippers by Derek Rose

If there is an OG of the men’s sleepwear market, it would be hard to deny Dere Rose that title. The prestigious sleepwear and loungewear brand has a rich history dating back to 1926 when it was founded by Lou Rose (Derek Rose’s father) in London.

Lou’s aim back then was to furnish London’s elite with the finest silk and cotton garments for the home, becoming an instant success. Nothing much has changed – under the stewardship of Derek, the brand has continued on its luxury sleepwear path, crafting pajamas, robes, nightshirts and lounging sets with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Rose’s designs are known for their timeless elegance, featuring classic patterns, clean lines and a focus on comfort. The brand often employs high-quality fabrics such as silk, cotton, micromodal and cashmere to offer a reassuringly luxurious feel.

Hamilton & Hare

Man sitting in bed wearing matching button up camp collar pajamas in blue by Hamilton and Hare

Based on London’s prestigious Chiltern Street, Hamilton & Hare’s approach to nightwear and loungewear is distinctly minimalist, with the primary focus on fine fabrications.

Founded in 2014 by Olivia Francis, the brand set out to make the most comfortable boxer shorts in the world. After it achieved that goal (we can vouch for that), Hamilton & Hare branched out into loungewear essentials, utilizing natural fabrics and a transparent, ethical manufacturing process to create high-end products with a conscience.

Its pajama sets are meticulously constructed from the softest brushed cotton, with lightweight seersucker styles available for the warmer months. The loungewear is similarly top-notch, primarily made from a blend of jersey cotton and lyocell, an eco-friendly fabric made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees.

It all comes in a compact palette or dark tones, making the collection perfect for minimalists who prefer their brand of luxury to be quiet and inconspicuous.

Daniel Hanson

Man wearing a luxury paisley print Daniel Hanson robe over a white shirt and black pants

Most robes are created from terry toweling or some form of cotton jersey and are designed with the bathroom in mind, but the ornate silk robe is an entirely different fish. It is at once opulent, traditional, eccentric and sartorial.

One of the best proponents of such robes is Daniel Hanson, who since 1989 has developed a worldwide reputation as the go-to dressing gown maker for Jermyn Street, Savile Row and luxury brands worldwide.

The label does very little to market itself. It’s very much a case of “if you know, you know”, and that’s how Hanson likes it. Although Hanson’s website shows many different robes, the process is largely bespoke, since each item is handcrafted individually, and so one can add various linings or make design changes.

There are worsted wool styles, silk jacquard works of art and bushed cashmere robes you’d never want to take off. Perhaps that’s the point – the owner of a Daniel Hanson robe is the master of his own time, and if he wants to wear it all day, he will.


Man wearing Hanro grey lounge top and red tartan check pajama bottoms

Swiss brand Hanro is one of the oldest underwear manufacturers in the world, founded in 1884 by Albert Handschin and Carl Ronus, who together set about launching a circular knitting empire to manufacture top-quality undergarments.

Fast forward 140 years and Hanro still sets the bar for quality, style and comfort when it comes to menswear and womenswear essentials.

In every decade, Hanro seemed to be right on the money with new innovations in design, but it was in the 2010s that it doubled down on loungewear, becoming a leading name in the sector.

More recently it has been a huge proponent of using the more sustainable Tencel fabric in its nightwear collections, as well as a host of super-soft cotton jersey textiles.

Ralph Lauren

Man wearing silk monogrammed Ralph Lauren button up navy pajamas

The icon of modern Americana, Ralph Lauren has always held the home and family as the central tenet to his modus operandi, so it’s no surprise that his loungewear and sleepwear collections are some of the best on the market.

Home is very much where the heart is for Lauren, an ethos that shows up in his plaid flannel pajama sets and robes, with the Polo Bear embroidered on the front.

The brand also produces super-soft cotton jersey sleepwear in the shapes of long-sleeve tees, hoodies and joggers, making that transition from sleep to the waking world that much more comfortable and stylish.


Man wearing Zimmerli charcoal lounge T-shirt and matching bottoms

Swiss luxury underwear and sleepwear brand Zimmerli has become one of the most renowned makers of high-end undergarments on the market. The company’s story stretches back to 1871, when facing the bankruptcy of their dye business, Johann Jakob Zimmerli saw a newspaper ad about Isaac Lamb’s invention of a new type of knitting machine, and the family didn’t look back.

Today, Zimmerli is right up there with the best of the best, with a global reputation for supreme quality and sustainable practices. Its men’s sleepwear collections are sublime, with a large array of short pajamas, long pajamas as well as sleep shirts and sleep pants, all constructed from super-fine woven cotton and luxurious silk.

Desmond & Dempsey

Man and woman wearing printed Desmond & Dempsey pajamas and robes

Named after the founding couple’s respective grandfathers, Desmond & Dempsey is perhaps the only luxury pajama specialist in the world. The brand make pajamas, robes and anything else you might deem comfortable to sleep in, but that’s it.

This specialisation has of course honed its focus, resulting in some of the most luxurious and well-made designs on the market. Moreover, Desmond & Dempsey brings an uplifting and fun ethos to its designs via expressive prints and bold colors.

Its Cuban pajama sets in particular are so cool you could easily wear them out to a dinner party. In fact, you absolutely should. D&D’s robes are equally as vibrant and will give your day an instant uplift.

Thom Sweeney

Man wearing luxury tailored sky blue pajamas and shawl collar robe by Thom Sweeney

Renowned for its bespoke and immaculate off-the-peg tailoring, Thom Sweeney might not be the first name that springs to mind when thinking about sleepwear. Yet the high-end tailor has earned itself a place on this list thanks to its small but perfectly formed collection of pajamas and robes, contained within its broader loungewear category.

Sweeney has used a super-soft brushed cotton fabric of the highest quality to create two colorways of traditional pajamas and robes. Design details include a large spread collar, three front pockets and subtle piping throughout, giving them a very noble and English aesthetic.

The robes come in a matching style and feature a large sweeping shawl collar, reminiscent of the brand’s elegant formalwear.

Paul Smith

Man and woman wearing vertical striped Paul Smith pajamas

Legendary British designer Sir Paul Smith has always produced eclectic menswear collections, and his nightwear is no different. The multi-stripe motif has long been a brand signifier for Smith and he has used it extensively in an excellent sleepwear curation that includes a number of different pajama and robe styles.

Of the former, Smith’s striped PJs are both fun and refined, with a classic tailored silhouette crafted from Italian cotton, while also making a beautiful silk set, too. Pattern-rich and colorful to boot, Smith’s loungewear is sure to put a smile on your face.

Calvin Klein

Man wearing navy and blue checked Calvin Klein pajamas

It goes without saying that Calvin Klein has one of the biggest sleepwear collections on the market, given that the iconic American brand boasts such a large underwear business. Naturally, its loungewear conforms to the same sleek, understated and modern minimalist design tropes as the mainline collections, with lots of relaxed drapey pajama bottoms and tops in a variety of neutral tones.

Most constructed from soft cotton flannel, the fabrics might not stand up to the quality elsewhere on this list, but the price point is undeniably good.