Spring Selections from the High Street

Everyone that knows me – or my methods – knows that the high street is my primary hunting ground. Though I love and appreciate tailoring and a number of high-end products, the fact of the matter is I am a lover of variety and novelty. Fully converting to bespoke clothing is a fantasy for someone in my position, unless I am to severely limit the range and choice of clothing that I so enjoy.

As a keen high street shopper, I am always on the lookout for items of interest when the season changes. Below are three items which caught my eye – individually and as ensemble pieces. When I saw them, I was transported from a cold, wet and dingy afternoon to a mid-summer sojourn; from drizzle stained-windows to the shade of an olive tree.


Blue cotton and linen blazer

Though I have been disappointed with the menswear in Zara of late, there are a few gems in their current collection. This is one of them. A rich blue cotton-linen summer blazer, with quirky bright white buttons and elbow patches. It is the perfect jacket for balmy spring and summer evenings. The lovely shade of blue flatters all skin types and can be used successfully with a vast array of colours; the touches of white give it a youthful, sporty aesthetic and the elbow patches add a casual decoration that encourage it to be used informally.

Orange cotton trousers

Orange is a challenging colour, even as a decorative puff such as a pocket square or necktie; orange trousers are a practically perpendicular test. Despite this, these cotton slim-fit trousers from H&M caught my eye. Bright trousers, as I have discussed previously, are an excellent alternative to bright jackets – which are harder to come by – and allow paler complexions such as mine to introduce strong colour into an ensemble without draining the face. A zesty alternative to the more traditional, clubbier red trousers, these would provide the perfect complement to the blue blazer.

Cotton-cashmere light blue cardigan

Though summer (theoretically) has no need of knitwear, spring can have its chills. Uniqlo have a good selection of cotton-cashmere cardigans, and this option fits perfectly with the ensemble. Normally, I would have need of a haberdasher as the buttons on high street clothing are often disappointing but these contrasting light brown ones are perfect.