Warby Parker: Sneak Peek

Words by: Andrew Hodges

I got a sneak peek last week of some great new eyeglass frames from Warby Parker. Warby Parker sells vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses online for only ninety-five dollars. I personally wear a pair of the Thompson frames in revolver black. Friends call them my Walter Cronkite glasses.

Back in July when I reviewed some Warby Parker frames on my blog, A Southern Gentleman, my chief complaint was the fit of the frames. I expected that the big, chunky-styled glasses would be proportionally larger in size than ordinary frames. I found, however, that the majority of the Warby Parker frames were too narrow for my face (and my head is not that big)!

In August when I interviewed Neil Blumenthal, one of the founders of Warby Parker, he mentioned that they were currently designing some new frames in different colors and sizes. That collection of fourteen new frames will be introduced in mid-January. Happily, this new collection of frames is bigger and bolder than the original offerings from Warby Parker.

wp-thatcherOne of my favorite wide frames from the new collection is the Thatcher (pictured). It will be available in revolver black and whiskey tortoise. According to Warby Parker, the Thatcher “is a big and bold frame with Warby Parker’s signature rectangular metal plaque.” The Thatcher is “inspired by the late great Buddy Holly” and “has a classic retro style that harkens back to the 1950s.”

In addition to offering great eyeglasses at an unbelievable price, Warby Parker also donates glasses to people in need. As part of their Buy a Pair | Give a Pair program, for every pair of glasses they sell, they give a free pair to someone in need in the United States or the developing world. Warby Parker reports that in less than a year they have donated over 20,000 glasses in over 25 countries.

I have been quite happy with my Warby Parker glasses. They are relatively cheap and making a purchase makes a difference in the life of someone less fortunate. Now this new collection will provide a wider range of styles, sizes and colors. If you need some new glasses I recommend you check out Warby Parker.