Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2006/2007

The Look

The silhouette for Fall/Winter is fitted, following the slim silhouette set earlier in 2006. Soft looks are seen sans jackets, and paired with knit sweaters or jackets with a slightly relaxed but tailored shape. We’re seeing borrowed Edwardian elements, which lend a slightly dandified effect to men’s fashion—just slightly! It’s a certainly gentlemanly feel, with fine fabrics, a smart cut, and attention to detail to give a gentlemanly appearance.

Fall winter 2006 2007 fashion trendNecklines are going to extremes: dipping lower for men, getting wider with scoops and v-shapes, and creeping upwards in elegant turtlenecks. Make it a point to buy one updated neckline, although it doesn’t need to be overstated. A little change make a big difference.

The Palette

For colors, purples are very, very in. From slim pullovers to chunkier knits, regal purples and eggplants reign supreme. If you’re not experienced with the shade, try some tips to get you on the right track. First of all, you don’t necessarily need an eye-popping grape shade to fit in with fall color trends. Try a textured knit of a deep blue-purple to stay current while staying comfortable. If you’re feeling daring, a light lavender palette will look great and make a statement.

Purple not your thing? Other colors to try for fall and winter are calm and natural, from earth tones to rich blues. When adding any new color to your wardrobe, it’s not a question of going out and buying everything to match, too. Give older pieces a new lease on life with perfect coordination. Recycle your summer liberty floral prints: try a purple v-neck cardigan with a red, tan, and purple floral printed button-down shirt from Lilly Pulitzer. Also try layering with contrasting florals or stripes, as seen on this fall’s Missoni runway.

Going Casual

For weekend wear or casual days, jeans will always reign supreme. Jeans are not baggy—they are getting slimmer and slimmer, especially around the ankles. Kiss your bootcut jeans goodbye and say hello to the new shapes of the season—straight legs and tapered legs. For a great look, try your slimmer style in a dark wash. Levi’s has come out with a new fall style, the Matchstick Jean, with a dark wash, light whiskering, and a narrow, slightly tapered leg. More of a newcomer on the scene is label Nudie—we like the Long Tight John style in Dry Stretch Blue to stay in style.

Fall winter 2006 2007 accessories fashionAccessories

If you’re in a colder climate, try a chunky knitted scarf in a trendy color. Scarves in two-tone cables, loose knits, and simple combed wool will all add character to your wardrobe—it’s a must-have accessory for men!

Functional is always welcome, and it will be this fall and winter season. If you hate arranging a scarf and fussing with it, it’s downplaying your look. Try a turtleneck to keep the look but ditch the fuss. A turtleneck is elegant and classic.

For fall footwear, less is more. In general, darker, earthier colors will be in—try a pair in brown leather with a slimmer shape and trimmed-down sole. Classic oxfords are always in style. There are great pairs to be found at Crockett and Jones and also Georgio Brutini.

Casual shoes are getting more refined, with classy suede leading the pack. Sporty accents remain, but are toned down both in shape and color. Givenchy offers a brown suede lace-up, which gives you a delightful fall fashion choice for weekends and casual workdays.

Now you’ve got some shopping tips for the perfect fall and winter shoes, shirts, and trousers. No matter how you choose to use 2006/2007’s fashion trends, you’ll be surprised at how many different style directions you can take. Mix things up and experiment. You’ll be happy you did, and emerge with a whole new look.


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