Where to Buy a High Quality Umbrella

David, Portsmouth, England asks
Question: Here in England it’s rainy throughout whole year. It seems like a good investment to buy a high-quality umbrella. Please, help me choose something special.


To choose something special you’ll unfortunately have to pay the special price. If you are after classic black dress umbrella with solid wood shafts and nylon covers to remake the look of Sting in “Englishman in New York” or to have the same thing that prime ministers have go for James Smith & Sons. Negative part is that to buy their umbrella you’ll have to visit their shop on 53 New Oxford Street in London (http://www.james-smith.co.uk/) and expect to spend £130 – £150 per umbrella. It surely is worth it if you want not just perfectly functioning umbrella, but an umbrella with a statement.

If you are after high quality casual umbrella, perfect pick is Knirps (http://www.knirps.de/). They make the most fashionable high-tech pocket umbrellas around. If you want to have an umbrella that brings attention wherever you go, Knirps will not let you down.

At this website you’ll find some other stylish European umbrellas – http://www.european-umbrellas.com/.