InStitchu UK Interview

1. What is the InStitchu UK story and what are you seeking to achieve in tailoring?

InStitchu UK was born out of necessity after my business partner and I were unable to find a high quality, tailor made suit for under £600. It was at this point I approached the Australian business (now the market leader) and proposed helping them setup the business here in the UK, knowing that people like myself would love a service like this.

Our vision is to provide a tailoring service that allows men to design their own bespoke suit online at an affordable price.

2. Why should someone choose an InStitchu suit instead of a ‘designer’ suit?

Designer suits tend to be a lower quality fabric, standard size and more expensive due to the brand label. I myself used to love wearing brands, but as you grow up, you quickly come to understand that brands don’t mean a lot when it comes to having something custom made. I think that the value in a suit is the fit and quality of the manufacture.

3. How would you compare an InStitchu suit to one from a traditional tailor on Savile Row and how would you say you are different from other internet tailors?

Savile row is the birthplace of tailoring and over recent years has become a brand in itself. The quality is superior to our garments and you pay on average £2000 more for that privilege. However, InStitchu UK is forever innovating to find the most efficient method for tailoring and therefore deliver exceptional Savile Row style customer service.

In terms of other internet tailors, we aren’t able to pinpoint a single aspect that makes us better. Instead it’s that combination of great customer service, innovative website, speed of delivery, quality of suit, positive reviews and home/corporate booking service that separates us from the rest, by quite a distance. Our 24/7 livechat also means customers can get answers right away.

I also think that we are far more stylish and modern than our competitors. We run competitions with companies like Men’s Fashion Magazine who are seen by their readers as experts in fashion and style. We aim to help educate and build a wardrobe for anyone wanting to become more professional and stylish.

4. Could you tell me what personalisation is possible on InStitchu suits?

Our skilled tailors are capable of anything you might like or have seen elsewhere. However, too many options can make the process overwhelming so we have stuck to the more popular features:

• Trousers: pleats, turn-ups, side-adjusters, pocket varation

• Jacket: Lapels (peak/notch/shawl, fish mouth), DB/SB, vents, working cuffs, number of sleeve-buttons, button stitching colour, pockets (patch/ticket/slanted), pull out lining, monograms, fabric meltons, elbow pads,

• Waistcoat: DB/SB, pockets, linings, strap adjuster

5. Where are your suits made and what fabrics do you use and where do you source them from?

Our suits are made by tailors in China. The majority of our fabrics are 100% merino wool, sourced from a range of mills around the world but we do have a lot in our library from places such as Italy. We also have cotton, linen, wool and cashmere blends etc.

6. What are the plans for InStitchu for the future?

There are several aspects being introduced onto the website in the future. My favourite being Google Helpouts for people who would like advice from the comfort of their own home. We are also looking forward to pop-up stores across the country, competitions with men’s style magazines and attending wedding fairs to ensure grooms are well dressed for the special day.

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