Introducing | Luxire Custom Shirts

Words by: Grant Harris

Luxire shirts is an online custom shirtmaker headed by Arnaud Rosseau, Parisian and founding partner of Avacci Telagio, the parent company of Luxire headquartered in New Jersey with factories in England and India.  I first learned of Luxire shirts through my friend Andy Gilchrist of Ask Andy About Clothes but it was not until Luxire contacted me directly that I had the opportunity to wear their product.

The initial contact from Luxire was polite and unassuming from a man or woman (I don’t know which) by the name of Ashish Arya.  From the initial contact until the post of this writing I have never had a customer service experience such as this one.  It seemed as though Ashish never slept and my emails were answered (by a breathing human being) within a matter of minutes; truly a delight in this day and age of automated and belated service.

Ashish explained the measuring process which is similar to many of the online shirtmakers offering both standard sizing and up to nine body measurements encompassing every aspect of the anatomy of a shirt including bicep, bottom hem, chest, waist, yoke, sleeve, length, cuff and neck.

Luxire offers over 100 fabric choices extending from standard 2 ply medium weight Oxford weaves to the “warzone” Oxford which can hold up under 240 plus washings, to superfine “zero gravity” 240s lightweight cotton from the Italian Zambiatti mill. We chose our shirt in a lightweight summer chambray in a deep ocean blue.

After selecting the fabric, there are a limited number of style selections available.  I’ve personally seen many more options available from other online MTO shirtmakers like Modern Tailor or Cottonwork, but more options are not always better options.  Luxire keeps it simple with color, cuff, back, pocket, and placket options.  None of the fancy interlinings and such.  Fortunately they do offer the option of lined or unlined collars and cuffs.  I’ve become accustomed to the soft collar option and a soft collar certainly wears lighter and more comfortable during the heat of the summer.

Luxire boasts a quick turnaround time and they hold true to it.  My shirt arrived in less than a week which is the fastest I’ve experienced.  Many times with fast service the quality can be subpar but I’ve found Luxire to be formidable in comparison to my other shirts which took several weeks to arrive.

Unfortunately, upon arrival the shirt did not fit.  It was too small, too tight, and to short all around.  The only thing that did fit was the collar.  I contacted Ashish post haste to state the problem.  Ashish was disappointed and offered to correct the issue right away.  We went back to the drawing board with the measurements and worked together to ensure the second shirt would be much improved.

To my dismay Luxire has halted selling the chambray fabric the second shirt they sent came in a mid weight Oxford which is their best seller.  I selected a spread collar with barrel cuffs, no placket, and MOP buttons.  Simple and easy.  This time the shipping took a few days longer but I chalk that up to the shirt having to be remade.  This time the fit was much improved.  Along with Luxire’s MTO experience they also offer more detailed services in which you can create your own shirt specific to your details.  I think next time I will widen the width on the yoke a bit and ask for a longer collar.  While the points of the collar meet the shirt nicely under my jacket, I’ve been experimenting with the idea of wearing longer collar points which can enhance and frame your face tenfold over the skimpy shrunken collars many men wear today.

Each Luxire shirt arrives with a collection of stainless steel collar stays, and price pints range from $59 for Oxfords and plain weaves to $199 for zero gravity featherweight cottons and are shipped within 5 business days.  While the selection of fabrics and styles are more limited than I’ve seen in the past, the customer service and willingness to correct mistakes at an affordable price point compared to off the rack shirting, Luxire makes a strong case to be the next addition to your shirt wardrobe.