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8 Key Men’s Sunglasses Trends For Summer 2024

From tinted lenses to new wave Aviators, this season’s sunglasses trends are a wild bunch grounded in nostalgic shapes, futuristic visions and innovative new materials.

Words by: Ryan Thompson

When you consider that most of today’s sunglasses shapes were for all intents and purposes invented in the 50s and 60s, then you’d be right to be a bit skeptical about being sold on sunglasses ‘trends’.

Frame shapes come in and out of focus, so to speak, and all it takes is for one brand or celebrity to be spotted wearing something slightly unusual (read: forgotten) for the entire industry to throw all they’ve got at promoting the genre.

Nevertheless, us humans are herd animals and we tend to follow the tastemakers, so yes, there are sunglasses trends. Do you need to follow them? No. Should you know about them? Yes. Because they might just suit you better than the shades currently cosying up to the bridge of your nose.

So without further ado, here are the frames making (light)waves this summer.

Tinted lenses

If we had to single out one trend for the season that stood out above all others it would be this one – tinted lenses. From sunburst orange to mellow yellow via racing green and electric blue, fashion brands have thrown the entire palette at this season’s shades.

Decidedly more expressive than your typical dark lenses, coloured variants provide contrast, vibrance and can even be coordinated with your look.

Another good thing about them is that you don’t need to fork out for another pair of frames – simply take your current frames into an optician and they can swap them out for you.

Who they suit

Man wearing metal frame aviator sunglasses with tinted orange lenses and a white tank top

Oliver Peoples

Anyone who is looking to make a bigger statement, especially if they don’t suit oversized or geometric frame shapes.

Sports eyewear makers such as Oakley have an abundance of tinted lenses, with the iconic Frogskins being a super-cool and nostalgic hybrid.

Rick Owens has made some wild orange wraparound teardrop styles, but you’ll find plenty of sunglasses brands opting for red, orange and yellow versions this season.

Aviators with a twist

Aviators might be as old as the hills, but as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Perhaps not, but you can certainly tweak it, and many eyewear brands have taken the Aviator concept and run with it.

From frameless styles and double-bar bridges to oversized acetate frames, half rims and the gold Top Gun classics with green-tinted lenses, the aviator will always have style wings.

This season, look out for designs with statement metal accents, as well as colourful geometric acetate versions with a futuristic vibe.

Who they suit

Man wearing oversized, acetate aviator sunglasses on face with sky blue shirt


As far as face shapes go, anyone with a round- or heart-shaped face will look great in aviators since the curved lines and teardrop shape perfectly complement the facial contours.

Square jaws and oval faces are also well-suited to aviators, too, provided the frames aren’t too narrow, which can accentuate the length of your face.

Geometric frames

Bold geometric shapes such as oversized square frames and hexagonal styles are a sure-fire way to garner some attention this summer, after many brands have produced solid styles in their latest collections.

Unusual lines and geometric shapes immediately draw attention to your face – these frames are designed to make a statement. Metal frames really come into their own here, creating interesting structures using both full-frame and half-frame options.

Acetate works well too, but if you want those clearly defined contours then metal will be a better option.

Who they suit

Man wearing oversized square tortoiseshell sunglasses with green tropical print shirt

Johann Wolff

Because of the angles and geometry of these frames, the most suitable face shapes tend to be angular or square, with a clearly defined jawline and cheekbones.

Rounder, softer faces can get a little lost in the hard lines of the frames and so would be better suited to those with less aggressive contours.

Oversized geometry makes for pretty loud designs so wallflowers need not apply.

Eco shades

Shopping sustainably is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer behaviour and brands are taking note. It would be nice to think they have changed their manufacturing processes because of concern for the evironment, rather than to leverage an increasingly eco-conscious consumer, but whatever the reason, change is happening, even in the world of sunglasses.

Ecological frame materials are booming and new eco-conscious makers are popping up everywhere. One of our favourites is MITA Eyewear, which produces contemporary frames constructed from recycled water bottles (each frame prevents five bottles from going into landfill or our oceans).

Wires is another really unique proposition located in the UK. It uses bio plastic from castor beans and frames constructed from a single piece of metal wire for a future-retro aesthetic.

Who they suit

Man wearing sustainable round lens sunglasses on face with white mock neck jumper


If the thought of the huge sunglasses manufacturers pumping out hundreds of millions of pairs of acetate frames each year gives you eco-anxiety, then sustainable makers are definitely the way to go.

Honestly, the quality of the recycled acetate and bio-acetate is such that you wouldn’t even tell the different between high-quality Italian acetate, and they won’t sting you in the pocket either.

Plus, these young brands are right on the money with their aesthetics, combining a clear appreciation of historical frame shapes with an innovative exploration of the capabilities of these new eco materials.

Racer frames

Racer frames are without doubt the frame shape of the season, having been given the celebrity seal of approval in 2024, on the back of the questionable Y2K fashion trend.

Slim, angular and undeniably futuristic, the racer frame comes in a number of variations, with the sportier options having a classic wraparound look. It all makes perfect sense when you consider how activewear has become the new everyday casual.

Look out for tinted and mirrored lenses for that extra racer cachet.

Who they suit

Man weaering Oakley racer sunglasses with green T-shirt and chain necklace


If you enjoy wearing tailoring, or your wardrobe has a distinctly preppy aesthetic, then you are going to want to stay the hell away from racer sunglasses. These are not for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a disciple of activewear, your streetwear has a decidedly sporty angle to it, or you are so edgy that a new Balenciaga collection makes you yawn, then welcome to the world of racer glasses.

Tortoiseshell colourways

We’re hardly rewriting the design rulebook here, but tortoiseshell sunglasses never drop off the trend list for a reason. They possess an undeniable timelessness and sophistication that makes them one of the coolest frames styles around, no matter what the shape.

From wayfarers to bold geometric styles via delicate half-frames, the addition of that instantly recognisable tortoiseshell pattern adds a touch of refinement to your look.

Who they suit

Man wearing tortoiseshell Johann Wolff sunglasses

Johann Wolff

Given that the majority of tortoiseshell frames are typically of classic shapes, complementary wardrobe styles would veer towards traditional menswear genres with a leaning towards smart-casual.

Stealth wealth looks are a nice canvas for tortoiseshell frames if you can afford them, otherwise neutral tonal fits are a great way to make the pattern stand out.

Preppy outfits are another good match, with chinos or tailored shorts and a knitted Cuban collar shirt being a timeless combination that tortoiseshell frames will perfectly suit.

Flat bridges

If you want to make a statement, choosing acetate frames with a strong flat bridge ticks all the boxes. There’s just something about that uncompromisingly straight edge that lends the wearer a good dose of masculinity.

Maybe it helps to square off the contours of the jaw, or accentuate the cheekbones? Whatever sorcery is going on here, it seems to work.

Most flat bridge styles this season are constructed from thick acetate to make the dimensions all that more striking. Look for strong geometry and bold colours, or opt for tortoiseshell styles if you want to soften the look.

Who they suit

Black man wearing straight brow sunglasses with white T-shirt and green jacket


Given that flat bridge styles tend to come in on the chunky side, you don’t want them to drown your face. So if you have a small round- or heart-shaped face we wouldn’t recommend them.

Strong jawlines and long faces are better suited to flat bridges since they have the effect of broadening your features.

Transparent frames

Coloured transparent frames are most definitely doing the rounds this season, thanks to their versatile sporty appeal. The transparency lends the acetate a softness since the contrast to your face is that much more minimised.

Oakley were one of the first to incorporate transparent frames into their collections by way of their iconic Frogskins. What’s more they accentuated the detail by applying brightly coloured lenses to the frames, another key trend for 2024.

Who they suit

Black man wearing Johann Wolff transparent Sunglasses

Johann Wolff

Anyone and everyone. Because the transparency has something of a sporty aesthetic, these kinds of frames are great paired with casual street-style looks. Otherwise, they can be a useful accessory to add a relaxed vibe to a preppy fit.

They tend to come in a Wayfarer shape, which pretty much suits all face shapes, but especially squarer dimensions, helping to round out those features.