Favourite Colour Combinations

One of the questions I am constantly asked: What is my favourite colour combination.

When I sit down to contemplate it, I am unable to reach a well defined conclusion. My mind simply runs wild with possibility; my eyes glance upwards, my eyebrows dance and I shake my head in defeat. I can’t possibly choose. I start with the assertion that contrasts are my favourite thing, but then I wade into the beauties of palette and I start to think that a burgundy tie and a pink shirt is the most beautiful pairing in all Christendom.

My answer to those who ask, therefore, is an apologetic shrug and the feeble words; “I don’t even have a favourite colour.”

However, I have often received enquiries for advice regarding colour, from those keen to shed their monochrome daily wardrobe and skip through the kaleidoscope, and so I have collected thoughts on appealing combinations that, while unusual and often eye-catching, are not too riotous as to cause consternation or the passing of the smelling salts.

Green and lilac


There is something mysterious and alluring about green and lilac combinations. On its own, lilac can be a difficult colour; ethereal and bewildering. However, it reduces to a natural aesthetic when green is thrown into the blender. Perhaps it is the iconic thistle flower that influences the mind, but when they are together there is a misty richness to the combination; a mossy earthiness and a luxurious, velveteen pairing, the union of nature’s verdant canvas and one of its floral stars.

I like it when combined with greys and navy blues, but particularly with the stone-like colouring of a light-grey Prince of Wales check suit.

Brown and grey


One of the more unusual combinations among my favourites, brown and grey is often a descriptor of all that is dull and lifeless. However, such presumptions do a disservice to the subtle beauty created by the marriage of these tones. Pairing rusty brown trousers with a steely grey jacket sounds like a mismatch but in actual fact, the colours complement and flatter the other extremely well. The brown makes the grey seem even cleaner and stonier and the brown, instead of appearing dreary, is rich and warm.

I like it when combined with mid-blues, deep greens and berry reds to add a little floral colour to the earthiness of the tones.

Orange and azure


These two colours are very strong and need a sombre, desaturated backdrop for their startling fusion. Orange and azure call to mind the flower-filled terraces on the Amalfi coast, the contrast between a cool sea and a bloom bouncing in the breeze.

Though obviously a wonderful combination for the warmer months, I have used these two colours with brown autumn suits; pairing an azure cardigan with an orange pocket square, using a navy tie to avoid overfizzing it, and adding tan shoes to accentuate the influence of orange.