It’s The Season To be…Confused

Words by: Stephen Pulvirent

Image credit: h(y)r Collective Magazine

Yet again the Midwest decides to hit me where it hurts. Unless I’ve slipped into some temporal phenomenon of which I am completely unaware, it is still the middle of February, no? Here in St. Louis though, the mercury decided it was rising, seasons-be-damned, and with mounds of snow still mucking up the gutters it was sunny and over 70 degrees this week. It might have been beautiful, but it was also confusing.

What do you wear when its hot and late-winter? Linen would look ridiculous, not to mention the fact that mine is all still stored away for vernal rotation. Only last week I was tromping around in boots and woolens, so loafers and bare feet would just display my pearly ankles to an audience of blinded passers-by. I found my solution in one of the best places to look to for clothes that can be lived in when its warm but still look substantial enough – preppy basics.

As I hung up the flannels, sadly I might add, the chinos jumped right off the hanger. The mid-weight twill and beat-to-hell look of my 3 or 4 year old dark-oatmeal pair fit in nicely with the lack of foliage and slushy backdrop, but kept me cool enough on the walks to and from campus. A pair of jeans would be an even more obvious option, but I’ll pick my chinos almost every time. Slipped on some thin cotton socks and my pennies, and I was good to go. Burgundy with the chinos, of course.

The harder part for me was what to wear up top. I’m a heavy perspirer, and even a light worsted jacket would have had me arriving to class a dripping mess. Enter the cotton cardigan. Even with the temperature pushing 80 I can usually get away with a single-ply, loosely knit cotton cardigan or v-neck.