The Best Things In Life Are Free

Words by: Andrew Williams


I don’t know about you but Christmas always leaves me light in the pocket.

For many people January means sale time, an excuse to go about acquiring in much the same way they did before Christmas.

But for me January and February are a time to show a little restraint, tighten the belt and get my finances in order, part preparation for the new season and those spring/summer items which will go onto the list.

However, refusing to spend money doesn’t mean ignoring my wardrobe or letting things slide. I’m always looking for ways to cut a dash; add touches of individuality; or better organise my kit. If I can manage these at little cost, or better still no cost, so much the better. And this is the best time of year to practice them.

You could, for example, get the dimple in the tie knot under belt – as I demonstrated in my last post. Or perhaps your wardrobe needs some organisation, in which case the Samurai Fold, as demonstrated here, might prove useful. But I have something else in mind.

Possibly trite but certainly true, the devil is in the detail. Take, for example, the humble shoe lace.


I discovered Ian’s Shoelace Site some time ago and having enjoyed an extended Christmas break I’ve had an opportunity to practice a few variations. Not that there is any shortage of options it seems, the guy has really done his homework, and the instructions are extremely easy to follow – a far cry from my days as a Scout.

You may think this is a lot of fuss about nothing, but simply lacing your shoes in a different manner can alter the look of your footwear in a surprisingly dramatic way. And it’s a lot cheaper than buying new shoes.