A Comprehensive List of Online MTM (MTO, Custom-Made) Shirt-Makers

Online made-to-measure (made-to-order, custom-made) shirt industry is one of the fastest growing in menswear. The idea is simple in theory: you pick the fabric and design of a shirt, provide your measures, place an order, and in 15 – 45 days you receive a custom-made shirt that fits you perfectly. It could be like that in practice too, but you must choose the right shirt-maker, provide the right measures and have a bit of luck. Searching for reviews of a shirt-maker service before doing business with them is a good idea. Search function of style forums like styleforum.net and askandyaboutclothes.com will help you with that.

Below is a pretty exhaustive list of online MTM shirt services. There are many not listed I’m sure, but do you really need more…

1. Amaa-Fashion – www.amaa-fashion.com

2. Alexander West – www.alexander-west.com

3. Bawden Bespoke – www.bawdenbespoke.com.au

4. Barrington Ayre – www.barringtonayre.co.uk

5. Belisario – www.belisariocamicie.it/en

6. Bespokeway – www.bespokeway.com

7. Biased Cut – biasedcut.com

8. Black Lapel – www.blacklapel.com

9. Blank Label – www.blanklabel.com

10. Brass Bones – www.brassbones.co.uk

11. Cad and the Dandy – www.cadandthedandy.co.uk

12. Cottonwork – www.cottonwork.com

13. Deo Veritas – www.deoveritas.com

14. Exec Shirts – www.execshirts.com

15. Fit Custom Shirts – www.fitcustomshirts.com

16. Gary Tailor – www.garytailor.com

17. Gino Tailor – www.ginotailor.com

18. Giorgenti – www.bestcustomshirt.com

19. Green & Jacks – www.greenandjacks.com

20. Hall & Madden – www.hallmadden.com

21. Hamilton Custom Shirts – www.hamiltonshirts.com

22. Hemingway – hemingwaytailorsonlinestore.co.uk

23. Henry Herbert – www.henryherbert.com

24. Highcliffe Clothiers – www.highcliffeclothiers.com

25. Indochino – www.indochino.com

26. iTailor – www.itailor.com

27. Jantzen – www.jantzentailor.com

28. Joe Button – www.joebutton.com

29. K J Beckett – www.kjbeckettbespokeshirts.com

30. Knot Standard – www.knotstandard.com

31. Luxire – luxire.com

32. Made Tailor – madetailorcustom.com

33. Manning & Manning – www.shirts-custom.com

34. Margutti – www.margutti.com

35. Mark Christopher – www.markchristophercustomshirts.com

36. Maxwell’s Clothiers – www.maxwellsclothiers.com

37. Moda Republic – shirts.modarepublic.com

38. Modern Tailor – www.moderntailor.com

39. MTM Shirt – mtmshirt.com

40. Mytailor – www.mytailor.com

41. Natty Shirts – www.nattyshirts.com

42. Nero Note www.neronote.com

43. NiAlma – nialma.com

44. Nicholas Joseph – www.nicholas-joseph.com

45. Piacemolto – www.fattosumisura.it

46. Proper Cloth – propercloth.com

47. Pick A Shirt – www.pickashirt.com

48. Ratio Clothing – www.ratioclothing.com

49. Ravis Tailor – www.ravistailor.com

50. Ritikhush – www.bespokeshirtmakers.com

51. SAINT-SENS – www.saintsens.com

52. SavileRowOnline – www.savilerowonline.com

53. Shirts My Way – www.shirtsmyway.com

54. Solosso – www.solosso.com

55. Tailor 4 Less – www.tailor4less.com

56. Tailored shirts – www.tailoredshirts.com

57. Tailored Suits Paris – www.tailoredsuitsparis.com

58. Tailor Store – www.tailorstore.com

59. Tailor Threads – www.tailorthreads.com

60. The Custom Shop Clothiers – www.customshop.com

61. VM Clothiers – www.vmclothiers.com


  1. Raj said:

    Thanks for this comprehensive list but it would be more useful if you wrote a little about some of the experiences you have had with any of the companies. For instance how the fit turned out, quality etc.

    August 18, 2012
  2. Miami Mike said:

    Raj is absolutely right. How about the following categories on a 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 scale: Price, fit, time to deliver, workmanship, fabric (feel and drape), customer service, over all satisfaction or lack of same. We’ve got 58 companies listed, at say $100 for a custom shirt, that’s six grand for a sample of each, not really practical for any one of us, but very doable for the aggregate readership.

    August 18, 2012
  3. Kevin said:

    is there a distinction between MTM, MTO, CF?

    August 18, 2012
  4. Kevin said:

    CF should be CM…custom made.

    August 18, 2012
  5. Erik Morton said:

    Great to see http://www.knotstandard.com getting some more attention these days. I’ve used a couple of others before trying Knot Standard on living social, I’ll never look back. I can definitely recommend and would be happy to give a review for this site if necessary.

    August 18, 2012
  6. HAHA no said:

    How did you miss Modern Tailor? Has to be the most mentioned MTM shirtmaker on Styleforum.

    August 19, 2012
  7. @HAHA

    Good catch. MT was definitely on the list but during editing it was somehow deleted by mistake.

    August 19, 2012
  8. @Kevin,

    By traditional definition CM, MTM, MTO would go from largest amount of customization to least, but today these terms are used interchangeably and tell us only that the garment is not off-the-rack.

    August 19, 2012
  9. Richard Ong said:

    I have tried few shirts with Shirt Easy ( http://www.shirteasy.com ) and the fabric quality is quite good. Especially, they offered MTM shirts as low as US$39. Worth a try!

    Tips: Shirt Easy offers special details (e.g. contrast collars/cuffs, monogram on cuffs) free of charge. Don’t forget to add those to your customization.

    August 20, 2012
  10. Gianluca Mei said:

    I’m a co-founder of http://www.neronote.com, thanks a lot for listing us here. Great to see there’s a growing attention about made to measures online clothing.

    If you have any question about us please post here or email me and I’m happy to reply.

    We make customizable, MTM italian shirts with a choice of over one thousands fabrics.
    To try Neronote service please send a note to us upon registration quoting this article and we’ll grant a discount code.

    Reviews about us are independently collected by Truspilot

    September 6, 2012
  11. Great, online tailoring is getting more and more attention now a days, I have tried few shirts with http://www.finickyshirts.com, similarly a very good example of experts tailoring, cloths and current trends.

    October 31, 2012

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