How to Care For Your Dress Shirts

Caring for your shirts in the proper fashion will result in a crisp look and a more professional appearance. By treating your shirts their best, you ensure that they’ll last longer and look better for as long as you care to wear them. Banish the wrinkled look and say hello to perfectly pressed, utterly stylish shirts for both work and play!

You should always check the care suggestions on your dress shirt and try to stick to them. Always wash your dress shirt after you purchase it. If you wear it right after buying, it will feel stiff and could still contain chemicals. Use a trusted detergent that is color-free, such as Woolite or Ivory, and machine wash your shirt on the gentle cycle in lukewarm water. It’s best to wash your custom or bespoke shirts by hand.

Are you set on dry cleaning your shirts because you simply hate to wash your own or don’t have time? You can still bring your dress shirts in for cleaning, but get them laundered instead. Dry cleaning can give your shirts a yellowed appearance, so if you want your shirts to last, avoid dry cleaning as much as you can. Mark your shirts “No Starch” and “No Machine Press” when you send them out.


• Begin to iron your dress shirt by beginning with the underside of the collar. Smooth away from the collar points towards the back of the neck. Continue by ironing the front of the collar.
• Next, iron the yoke area from the neck outwards, and then iron the pleats in the same direction of the fold.
• Iron the cuffs of your shirt inside out as well. Put the sleeves down flat and iron upwards toward the shoulders.
• Don’t forget to iron the other side of the shirt sleeve before moving on to the next sleeve!
• Iron the body of your shirt by starting at the top and moving downwards towards the hem.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dress Shirts

• Ironing your shirt: Check for stains before you begin to press your shirt. It must be clean, or you will set the stain into the fabric. To remove stains such as ink, you can purchase an over-the-counter ink stain remover or use a home remedy such as rubbing alcohol. Remove red wine stains by pouring white wine over the mark and laundering again.
• If you don’t have good quality steam iron, you should try to iron your shirt when the fabric is damp. You can press it far more easily to remove all wrinkles, and it’s less likely that you will damage your shirt in any way.
• Spray your cologne on your body instead of on your shirts. Wait for it to dry before dressing, as cologne can stain your shirt permanently over time.
• Check dress shirts occasionally for damage or needed repairs. Keep your eyes open for loose threads and buttons.


• Hang your dress shirt on a supportive hanger such as a wooden one or a thicker plastic one. If the hanger has firm shoulders, it will prevent unsightly bumps. Wire hangers are not recommended for your shirts.
• If you store your shirts from season to season, be sure to have them washed before packing them away. Store them in a plastic case to prevent insects and odors from reaching your dress shirts during storage.